Audio Premiere


Metallic Keem

Photos taken by Erick Gowins

It’s very entrancing when you find an artist like Metallic Keem who wants to put positive music in the world along with a narrative that listeners can relate to. Keem is an American rapper, born in Elizabeth, NJ, but he now resides in Richmond Virginia. He is on a road to becoming a

well known artist not only in the DMV, but in the music industry. Maroon Angel, his first big project was released in November of 2015 and functions as a coming of age project that really shows the growth of Metallic Keem.

“I want to make music that inspires people to continue to follow there dreams and spread the message that you can do what you love.”

Metallic KeemMetallic KeemMetallic Keem

With the help of his production team HYFIN, (Swoosh-Producer, D-Scott-Keys, Mike B Jetson, Alt Baby love, Canlee sky, and Matt Bolea) the use of live instruments, and patience you can tell the music is from the heart. His modest personality and willingness to not rush anything reflects in his music and I can only imagine what his next project is going to sound like with a more seasoned Keem and close knit production team.

He also went further to say “The in between stage is so important I’m embracing the struggle, so I am in no rush to make it.” You could say that he wants things to happen when the timing is right. Listening to a preview of some of his new work, I feel like that time maybe coming soon.

All photos taken by Erick Gowins.