We Saw Tumblr in Real Life [The Burrrprint]


The hipsternet unites in Williamsburg for one of the braziest most interesting events we’ve been to this summer: an art exhibition and appreciation of the southern kingpin, Gucci Mane.

Colin and I had no idea what to expect other than to brace ourselves for an absurd amount of Gucci’s music that will be played. Once we walked through the doors after getting deeply inspected by security, nearly everything about this thing was worth capturing and posting on your personal Tumblr page.


The Art: The warehouse consisted of all sorts of art mediums with Gucci Mane as the subject featuring the likes of Cam Kirk, Gangster Doodles, and the majestic Distortedd. I tried to get a picture of her but she would magically disappear. Every TV screen had various GIFs of Gucci Mane on repeat. Even behind the bar there was a massive projection screen that nearly covered the entire wall in which it displayed things like him being Mario in Super Mario 64 hopping in and out of painted portraits.

1W2A4181 1W2A4154 1W2A4183

The most epic display was the man exercising the Gucci Mane diet. He had 45 cheeseburgers on a silver platter and best believe he had the “Dirty Sprite” on deckington. I couldn’t resist but I had to get a burger of my own when he left his station unattended. I asked if it was sacrilegious to eat one, the man vigorously shook his head and said, “Nah”.

1W2A4161 1W2A4168 1W2A4163 1W2A4225

The People: I mean everybody was decked out in the Fine$t apparel and there were so many awesome people there including some of the biggest jokesters of Punderdome 3000. I randomly ran into Ashley Outrageous (actually it’s not random, why wouldn’t she be here?) as she was ducking underneath pits and elbows of the dancing crowd with her posse to get the signature ice cream tattoo on her face. She wasn’t the only one on the prowl to get one nearly everyone in the building was yatted on their cheeks.

1W2A4200 1W2A4250 1W2A4210 1W2A4361

The Music: I was a little bummed Rome Fortune did not perform much of his personal tracks but yo, his DJ game was off the charts. He had the place jumping for over two hours before TM88 of 808 Mafia came through like a villain for his performance. I couldn’t help but to get on stage and go crazy for a little bit.

1W2A4212 1W2A4281 1W2A4286 1W2A4307 1W2A4321 1W2A4356 1W2A4336 1W2A4257

Takeaways: After getting an overdose of trap music in my system, I realize that trap music is not just a sound it’s a place. These southern cats from Atlanta really induce the culture of where they’re from extremely well. Along with positivity, it was an awesome place to network.


*Shout out to Rome Fortune for informing me of this after his set on Guard D’Avant [Military Park @ Newark, NJ] *