Go Behind the Scenes of Bldy Rxse’s “The Thrill”

Get your popcorn ready and come and take a rare behind the scenes look at how Bldy Rxse’s “The Thrill” music video came together.

Bldy Rxse’s lead solo act, Hanz, first featured video also marks the finale of the Late Nite Rxse compilation tape, which dropped in the second quarter of 2017. “The Thrill” brings our young protagonist into a typical kickback, but we slowly realize things aren’t so normal the deeper he goes into the function…

Museache’s hand in this process ranged from stealthy documentation, production setup, and collectively enjoying the grind of the video set life. Peep some of our behind the scenes shenanigans below.

Sidebar: I commend all retail employees who dress mannequins on a daily, because I lost my wig a few times just trying to add jackets and pants on a few mannequins. Can you tell which ones I assisted on?

Somewhere in America
June 9th, 2017: 2:33 PM
Photographer: Colin Pieters

The Bldy Rxse renegades were meticulous in bringing The Thrill’s ambience to life; everything from the lighting to the diligence of the Rogue NYC production team, and even the individual makeup and wardrobes for each starring model.

All the personalities on set, created the perfect storm for moments of comedy, skill sharing, and the realization of how much talent and creativity we’ve yet to tap in to.

Until next time and remember, you can’t pick real Rxses without getting Bldy.