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I was put on to the dude KoHai the Wonderguy by my other dude Bacchus, from our favorite punk rap group Sunny Gang when the trippy ass music video for [The] Anti-Hero [of Time] came out a couple weeks ago. I’m a huge fan of weird psychedelic animated VHS style video art, so I was automatically hooked. Much love to Cameron Knight Barwick, owner of Psyched Co. & director and editor of the video, you mad genius you. Someone finally provided a video worth my time watching.

Recently KoHai, 1/3 rd of the conglomerate Folk NJ dropped the follow up to his 6 track EP, Adult Swim Vol. 1. The follow up, Adult Swim Vol. 2 is here, and after the first listen, I am glad to see that the aesthetic of the video translates across the board to Kohai’s music. I’m not about to sit here and give you guys some superficial review of a project I’ve only listened to twice in full, but I liked what I heard. You can give it a listen for yourself below.

Personal Highlights: [4] First In, Last Out ; [8] Blue; [12] Can’t Say Shit