I’m still over here relishing in the last complete project from one of my favorite producers/song makers from Jersey, the Thread Collective’s Ezrakh. Present,” is a collection of songs he released on his birthday in December as a gift to his listeners and serves as a healing listening experience.

His rootsy, Afro-inspired rhythms are evident through the tape, giving me sounds that make me proud to be black and beautiful.  Poetic lyrics glide seamlessly over the production, painting pictures of peace in the current moment. Aside from him sharing his gift, he reminds us to remain present and enjoy our lives and our love in the Now. It features production from Iman Omari, and vocals from Ibrahim Ahmed III and RHMK. The tape reminds me of my favorite mix from him, the #BlackoutMix that’s still in heavy rotation. I’m glad he decided to follow it up. Stream “Present,” here on Museache and show thanks by buying the project.