Sometimes I find music in the strangest places, like in the middle of a thunderstorm and sometimes music finds me in the strangest places. A few weeks ago, I was in the barbershop for a little over 3 hours waiting to get my hair faded, when suddenly my ears perk up. At first I thought it was simply the voice of a young Micheal Jackson making the magic, until I heard the funky hip hop tempo underneath his tender vocals. About 12 minutes deep into this mix, I’m fighting the urge to bob my head because one sudden jerk and my barber is turning my flattop into a mohawk. In between the clippers buzzing in my ear, the barbershop DJ says “[Lord] Finesse’s crate digging skills are godly”. Once I finally dug up the full “Abstrakt Cratery” on Mixcloud a few days later, I couldn’t agree more. See for yourself Lord Finesse‘s golden touch for blending music below.