Stuff We Should’ve Posted But Didn’t [October ’15 Edition]


// Kweku Collins @ Boiler Room [shot by Aziz]

We were gone with the wind in October, but no worries we still had y’all on our minds to keep you up to date with dat new new.

Alright we know what you’re thinking. We’re bloggers, we’re supposed to be sharing that new hotness all the time. Well because we’re human god dammit New York had so many amazing waves it was hard not to explore the scenery. I mean Robb Bank$ was in town for the first time, Ho99o9 performed on Mischief Night, Boiler Room was in town, and you know MoRuf always has dope performances. Even the big publications such as The Fader and Pigeons & Planes curated some incredible shows! Not to mention our very own Rughda and her band had a performance of their own. The key highlight of all this running around was bumping into Mixxie Jesus, the legendary wave surfer. We’ve crossed paths many times and he told me, “If you’ve seen me this many times that means you workin’!”

Well enough about us skroll down and check out the art that kept us going this past month. If you think we’ve missed anything SAY SOMETHING!


This guy’s music is f*cking sick. I have no idea where he’s from but I’ll keep the mystique in my mind to accentuate his eccentric discography and erratic behavior. You should bump his latest album SPANK THE SLOTH. You gon’ like it.

Your Old Droog

I saw this cat perform at Boiler Room and I was blown away his stage presence. He spewed out dope rhymes when he performed “Mr. Goodbar” and that was enough to go back and check out the rest of work. Walking in NY is a much better experience now. Be sure to check out his EP, The Nicest.


Masego’s energy is so contagious, that it practically oozes out of the screen as you watch “Girls That Dance”. The same could be said for his Pink Polo EP, which will have you “Sego Stepping” for the rest of the day.

Official “Ori Inu: In Search of Self” Trailer

The official trailer from up coming filmmakers Chelsea Odofu and Emann Odofu for “Ori Inu: In Search of Self” dropped earlier this fall. Layered deep with afro-futuristic themes and featuring music from Les Nubians and Oshun, which to me seemed like a tribute to the founders of neo-soul and those continuing the legacy, this movie is sure to resonate with its viewers when it releases next year.



// Ho99o9 @ Tender Trap [shot by Aziz]

Their recent show in Greenpoint was brazy. Dead Bodies in the Lake kicked up their live performance levels by unmeasurable amounts. My neck still hurts from bobbin’ my head so hard.

Chuck the ArchdukeChuck the Archduke

The growth from Chuck has been amazing to watch, especially when he drops beat tapes that are constantly littered with gems. Spirit of the Truth was inspired by hilarious, but comical Reverend X’s One Man Show and features a host of originals and flipped classic from Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes. There is also some interesting chemistry budding between Chuck and Villain Notsha on “From The Survival Scroll/ 6 Low Flow”, a gritty no holds NYC meets NJ record.

*Pictures From Various Outings*

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//Robb Bank$ autograph on Pokemon found in ATL [just need 3 more to have a full party]