Finding music. Finding enticing music that breaks free from the norm is probably one of the hardest things I love to do. Sometimes there are moments where I get so lost searching that I lose hours upon hours metaphorically digging through Internet crates. Unfortunately, that archaic process has taken a toll on my endurance and other creative outlets. Being a challenge seeker, I decided it was time for a change of pace. Instead of having an unlimited amount of time to find music, I self-imposed a 1 hour limit of Soundcloud surfing in efforts to find the best gems. Restrictions breed creativity. Enough about the process and let’s just listen to the music.

For only one hour of focused listening, there is a good amount of music that you can just listen to straight through. Each track is distinctly different from the other, with a nice mixture of future bounce, jazz, Hip-Hop, Trap, and even chillwave. I may make this a weekly practice, so tune into next week’s episode.

Personal Favorites:
Laura Misch – Jelly
Infloor – #32
New Zephland – Sorry
The SEVENth – Time Don’t Stop