Rob Werner Lost In Space

As a skateboarder, it’s crucial to put out full-length parts to truly showcase your abilities to a wider audience. This past January, Rob Werner released Lost In Space, the first full-length skate part he’s ever edited of himself. I’ve always been a proponent of raw east coast footage. But like anything else, it’s always nice to see something that takes a step away from the norm. He truly captures a psychedelic vibe through the culmination of trippy Twilight Light Zone-esque B roll, Beach House’s astral projection inducing tune, Space Song and a wide variety of his technical skateboarding. 

“The footage was getting old and I didn’t want it to stagnate, the point of it was to be creative and just start the year with a bang,” said Werner. “I just wanted to incorporate more of a green screen effect to it, like Rip N Dip stood out to me with their first video, Cosmic Vomit. That left a lasting impression in my brain because it was a good mix between really good skateboarding, underground guys and trippy-ness. I wanted to recreate that but with New Jersey and give that same vibe to people over here.”

“People always feel uncomfortable when there’s something new.”

The response to the video has been very mixed. Some love it and some don’t quite understand Rob’s artistic vision. It’s definitely a unique video that breaks the mold when it comes to east coast skateboarding. When I think of east coast skating, I think of raw New York VX footage laid over a Big L track, a visual that resonates with the streets.

“A lot of people were complaining that they couldn’t see the clips or they had to go back, but the point for me was to have replay value,” said Werner. “It’s a little weird when you edit your own video and you’re getting the hate, but at the same you can take it and learn from it. Then you can make the next video better depending what your response is.”

Let us know your thoughts on Lost In Space. If you loved the video, you can expect to see some new HD footage of Rob in the months to come. In the meantime, tune in next week for an exclusive full-length interview with Rob. We talk about his recent mainstream coverage, the difficulties of being a sponsored skateboarder and his plans for future success. Don’t sleep!