Celestial Beings: Rhythms of the Brick City

This one is for the state that made us and continues to water our inner celestial being. 

Rhythms of the Brick City

We were initially asked to curate Airbnb shows in NYC, but there is no place like home, so we decided to champion the first NJ Airbnb intimate concert experience. Celestial Beings: Rhythms of the Brick City is an ode to one of first successful events back in 2014; one of our first tastes of live music in unconventional spaces. Now it’s full circle. 

Let’s meet up at Burger Walla, one of our favorite food spots and hidden gems in downtown Newark. We’ll bring the drinks, food, some games, and of course our fav live performers. You should bring an open spirit, a few friends, and an appetite.

Starting Lineup: 






Grab some cheap tickets here: Museache x Airbnb

Can’t wait to see you there famo.