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Late Nite Rxse


Jekyll, SASS, in-view, Plangular, Gulp

A visual and interactive tracklist for Bldy Rxse's EP

Bldy Rxse, the band of renegades, premiered their latest EP titled Late Nite Rxse. Since their last effort by their solo artist Hanz, they wanted to try a different way of sharing music. Releasing projects solely on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify and other streaming services did not allow for freedom and creativity as to how the music would be represented. As they call themselves the band of renegades, their goal was to give Late Nite Rxse a unique feel and experience that fits the narrative of each song.

The Experience

The visual track list allows each song to breath on its own. When the user scrolls, the background colors change to not only aid the color palette of the artwork but to set a mood before you hit play. The experience also showcased the wonderful talent of the visual artists at Bldy Rxse. Big up to Zahir Ramos and Kwabena Boachie on the lovely artwork.

The Kickback

Each week Bldy Rxse released new tracks for the EP every Tuesday and Friday leading up to the EP release party. The experience of the virtual track list took place in the setting of the event.

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