This past weekend, 4 piece NJ/NY Hardcore outfit, Time Spent released the first track off their forthcoming EP, Answer to None. The standout track 1%, aggressively comments on the greed and corruption that plague America. The song begins by setting a standard with a powerful sample taken from the 1976 film, Network. The sample lays out the idea of how the world is nothing but a business whose existence is solely dictated by the almighty dollar. Vocalist, Chris Deo makes it clear with the help of Concrete’s vocalist, Lenny Fletcher, that the only way for us to live in an ideal world is to take back what is rightfully ours. Deo and Fletcher show their disdain for the whole political sphere throughout the track. Democrats and Republicans are not looking for what’s best for the country. No matter what the candidates portray, they are only interested in pushing their own agenda while they divide the people. Time Spent takes it upon themselves to put an end to this facade.

This no bullshit attitude comes across in every aspect of the recording. Guitarist, Alex Kuruvilla cuts straight to the point and provides a gritty yet groovy texture that is guaranteed to get a crowd moving. Meanwhile, bassist, John Lalley and drummer Joey Kusack hold down the low-end while creating a strong backbone that gives the song its ultimate vigor. This is straight forward hardcore, they’re not hopping on any trends and they’re unwilling to sacrifice their beliefs and sound to appeal to the mainstream’s taste. Time Spent do it for the love of hardcore and won’t stop until they have opened people’s minds to the reality of this existence.

Be sure to look out for their EP, Answer to None, which drops within the next few weeks. I also strongly advise you to see these guys live. They’re great musicians and their live set is as tight as their recordings. They’re the last of a dying breed of bands who genuinely support the hardcore scene. They’re the first ones at the venue and the last ones to leave. You can catch them on June 23rd at Pulse Vape Lounge in Bristol PA with Grim State, Artisan, Triggered Impulse, Swarms and Depreciator.