Oshun via Complex

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to see Oshun, backed by a live band, perform at Slackgaze Zine release. The two seemed like seasoned performers, commanding the audience’s attention and cameras. Up until that point the two had only released AFAHYE, a 4 track EP and free loosies here and there. Fast forward to Earth Day, the neo-soul duo has finally released their debut mixtape Asase Yaa, a West African term for Mother Earth.

“We particularly wanted to focus on the concept of the woman as Earth, especially the symbol of the black woman as Mother Earth. We wanted to uplift her and discuss what it is to be a black woman in America.” – Excerpt from their interview with Complex.


With more support and solid idea of what message they would like to convey through their music, Oshun has coined their own lane to describe their sounds “Iya-Sol”.

“Iya” is a Yoruba term meaning priestess, teacher, or mother, and “Sol” meaning your literal soul, soul music, or the sun—the sun being the source of everything. – Thandiwe

The duo has an early understanding of what it means to be an artist and the role they explicitly and implicitly in society. This allows them to be more conscious of the messages they promote and the depth of their music. Give Asase Yaa a thorough listen and Happy Earth Day.