Fast Break Records has just released a gritty, dark and introspective split between metallic hardcore all stars, Iron Price and Dissent. The dismal themes of anger, isolation and self-loathing reverberate through this record, leading the listener down the path of those failed by a broken system and corrupt world. Through 14 heavy hitting tracks, Iron Price and Dissent create a sonic realm of pure anger. This record is not concerned with pleasing the younger generation, who tries to label watered down pop punk as hardcore. This split is genuine East Coast metallic hardcore at its finest. Iron Price and Dissent effortlessly bypass the trends and go straight for coarse guitar/bass tones, haunting vocals and groovy yet forceful drum patterns. 

Stylistically, these two bands are the perfect match for a split. Most splits that I’ve come across feature two great bands; however, they don’t quite have the same style. The lack of a similar style creates somewhat of an unfinished piece. This is not the case with Iron Price and Dissent. Iron Price’s tracks are as strong as Dissent’s and they sonically compliment each other very well. It seems like these two bands were almost in some sort of friendly competition to see who could make the better songs. It’s evident that these two pushed each others’ sound and worked overtime to make the most aggressive yet tasteful tracks. The overall production is top-notch and you can truly get a sense of the record by listening to the singles that Fast Break dropped at the beginning of July.

This is an ass-beater of a split, from start to finish. Do yourselves a favor and get to their record release show tomorrow at Sidebar in Baltimore. Iron Price and Dissent will be playing alongside Sworn Enemy, Bottomfeeder, Gator King and Consumed With Hatred. The show starts at 8 and the tickets are only 10 bucks. If Baltimore is too far of a hike, you can purchase the split via Fast Break Records’ official website.