Laura Misch

I can’t stop listening to Shaped By Who We Knew by sultry singer Laura Misch. Maybe it’s because of  all the jazz I’ve been listening to lately or because I’m still in love with vocalists from London. Either way, the EP is pretty amazing right from the start with opening track “Daylight” latching on to you. It sets the tone with slick guitars, some sexy saxophone work from Laura herself, and fine drumming for her soft vocals. I reached out to Laura to get some more info and she opened up about the process of making her first EP. Let’s jump into the session.

A bit about Laura:

Even though speaking with Laura through the interwebs, I still got a sense that she has a free spirit mentality when it comes to creating.

I wouldn’t call myself musically trained, much of the way I play sax is self-taught, I started playing sax age 11 as a rebellion from being forced to play violin.

Although Laura is self-taught, she still hasn’t managed to get a grip on the music theory aspect of music. Still she is able to release the sounds that are floating around in her head and it doesn’t hurt that technology is there to help capture the inspiration as it pours out.

I have found this lack of music theory isolating…But playing solely by ear is also liberating, in that I feel very in-tune with what the music that resonates with me, the music I naturally gravitate towards.

(View the full EP credits and line-up here.)
A bit about how the EP came together:

The band came about organically, all of them I met through music friends and projects. We recorded the EP in one day (only a couple of takes of each track) then I went away and recorded additional sax/vocals at home. The process was fast, but meant that we had raw takes, with imperfections, that feel truly live and that is what I wanted.

Seems like me and Laura share some similarities, not only in our free spirit approach, but also on our favorite tracks from her EP. The first being Nomad and Jelly, which is a celebration of female pleasure and an acceptance of self-love, is a close second. 

Nomad is the last song on the EP and probably my favourite. It is about the romanticization versus the realities of a self-induced nomadic life. “Nomad Solider, regimented in your free-flow” is my favourite lyric. I hope Nomad makes people feel free when they listen to it. “Born to roam free” is essentially the take away message of the song and as it’s the final song – the EP itself. I tried to be as free as possible when creating the EP, not worry about what would be popular or what is conventional and really be as free as possible with the music.

*I featured this track in my Crate Digging collection from last week, but decided it needed its own spotlight.*