Museache Presents – Zoey Saint


Zoey Saint

Our next interview artist profile is on Zoey Saint, who I met while I was at the Red Bull Sound Select in NYC back in August. We met on-line waiting to get in and eventually I found out she is a singer, so I followed her soundcloud. When I finally got around to listening to her music, I realized I stumbled onto a very talented aspiring singer without even knowing it. I didn’t find good music, good music found me. Continue reading for an interview with Zoey Saint the “Celestial Songstress“.

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20-year-old Zoey Saint hails from the DC area and now resides in California. Other music blogs have labeled her an “alternative R&B” singer, but I hate constraining singers to one genre so I will refrain from putting her in a box. I will call just call her a versatile singer with a unique voice and a great sense of style. Her last song, Bottle of Jack was released earlier last year, but Zoey is preparing to take over 2014 as she continues to settle in to the West coast atmosphere. Stay updated with her on Twitter: @theZOEYSAINT.

How did you become Zoey Saint the celestial songstress?

Z: I think I always was this person, it just took a lot of soul searching to accept and realize it.

You use to model before you began singing, when was that moment when you realized you wanted to pursue singing?

Z: I was never a model, nor did I ever pursue that. Haha, I’ve always been passionate about music. I pretty much always knew that’s what I wanted to do.

Can you describe your first time onstage?

Z: Nervous, I still get nervous. No matter how much I deny it… but after a couple of seconds, the feeling kind of disappears and it’s like an out of body element.

How has your sound evolved since you started singing and really making music?

Z: I feel as though I’m continuing to vocally and artistically develop. The more I’m learning and finding myself, the more I know to differ direction and my own artistry. When I started, I had no idea what I was doing…I sold a really crappy “dance” song on iTunes, that was just all bad…I was trying to fit into someone else’s idea of how “things work”. (sorry whomever bought it….haha). I just think I’m in a really good place, and can’t wait to release my first full project.

What are your other interests outside of singing?

Z: I like drawing, and sewing…making my own clothes, strictly hobbies.

What has been your biggest challenge with your music?

Z: Finding my sound while staying true to myself.

Lately, it seems an artist can’t rely on just music; they need to transcend into fashion or showcase other interests to really build a fanbase. How do you feel about that ?

Z: There’s a whole business side to this. I’m not really mad or happy about it. For me, personally…I feel as though whatever natural effort I put forth in my craft, are 100% me. Things I’ve grown into, found out about myself, etc. I understand the business and branding, so I can’t take from any artists who end up relying on that to build an audience. However, you won’t see me trying to emulate (The great) Aaliyah, as so many others do. Paying homage to a late artist is awesome, but trying to coin an image as your own is pretty lame. I feel like if you have it, you have it…whatever “it” is.

What/who are you listening to lately?

Z: I’ve gotten really into Mumford & Sons! I think they’re amazing.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a musician?

Z: I seriously have no idea. I couldn’t see myself working towards anything else without music.

What is something that not a lot of people know about you but you wish more people could know?

Z: I’m a pretty open book, but I do want people to know that I love food soooo people, if you see this, and we’re meeting, bring me food. haha.

What’s your favorite foods?

Z: Japanese, Italian, and Filipino. I don’t like Indian food whatsoever. Lol.

Did you know there is an entire tumblr page dedicated to you?

Z: Haha yeah, it’s pretty awesome. I believe an acquaintance of mine used to run it and passed it on, I don’t know who’s in charge of it now. It’s still really cool to look at.

What’s next for you?

Z: I’m now getting settled in CA, huge difference from NY or DC. I’m working with a new team of producers and writers, and really just focusing on every aspect of my music.

Are there any artists you look up to?

Z: As far as success and “hustle” go, there are a lot of artists I admire. However I want to be the first me, so not many I look up to in that aspect.

Would you say you are a rebellious spirit?

Z: It all depends on how you define “rebellious”. In some aspects to the normal, stagnant mind…yes, I am. My mentality and spirit are pretty much about peace and love…and I guess to the norm, that rebels against their beliefs and life-systems.

That about wraps up our interview, is there any last thoughts to say or shout-out?

Z: Positive vibes and good energy to all, let your soul turn to gold…oh, and NEW MUSIC 2014 🙂