Museache Presents: Todd Gleaton

photo 2 (5)Todd Gleaton of the DMV area is not just any ol’ artist, but a tattoo artist. “Sketching tattoos is a completely different art,” is what he tells me. And get this, he started drawing at age 14 while on punishment for stealing his mother’s car! With nothing else to do, he picked up a pen and paper and just happened to stumble upon his talent and passion. Being that art gave meaning to his life at a young age, Todd goes by the alias “BornByArt“. His focus is creativity, which explains the very intricate detailing of his sketches. I don’t know about y’all, but now I know who I’m gong to for my first tattoo sketch! You can request his services too; Access his contact information below.

photo 1 (5)

Todd Gleaton, or “BornByArt,” can be contacted:
By email:
By phone: (301)-323-5631
Instagram: @bornbyart