Museache Presents: Mandark


We present to you, a one of a kind all around artist, Mandark. This man does everything: paintings, illustrations, sculpting, and graffiti. Hailing from North California, Mandark’s art could live to be a great movement. Get to know Mandark, his art, and why he never loved Dee Dee.

+Tell us about yourself.

My name is Mandark I grew up in Nowheresville California and currently live Off the coast in Stormalong Harbor. I became an artist at the age of 5, my specialty was stick figure Power Rangers. I’ve recently stopped drawing Power Rangers and moved on to my other  passion of sweets. Hmmmm what else can I say about myself? I love music, Japan, Skateboarding, Mexican food, cartoons, babies, Pomeranians, crew necks, Hi top kicks, slammed cars, steak, mint chip ice cream and horror movies… (Shrug)…

+The first that comes to my mind when I see your name is Mandark from Dexter’s Laboratory. How did the idea of your artist name come about ?

Yeah I loved watching Dexters Lab, they didn’t portrait me to well in the episodes but I still enjoyed watching. I was never an evil scientist I was more a knuckle headed artist and truthfully dexter was taller than me and a total douche. He thought he was better than me at art and could barely draw his own name. Also let me set the record straight I never loved this Dee Dee girl she was a lil bop kissing every lil boy on playground. She got like 5 babies and 6 different baby daddies.

+Your work is very tasteful. The shape and texture of your art is real playful and groovy. I love the style of the desserts you dazzled on your paintings, sculptures, and illustrations. Examining your art, it’s given that you have other styles, but talk about your dessert style, where did the inspiration come from?

The dessert style best describes the person I am. I eat an enormous amount of sweets, my dentist bill sucks yo I have crazy bad teeth. Cupcakes are my number one, I love to eat those the most. That’s why my main character is a cupcake, he’s a representation of me ya know “you are what you eat”. The shark represents my need to eat  and devour all these sweets.

+Flapjack or Chowder?

Flapjack hands down, that’s my right hand man. Or should I say left forearm man? we got each other tatted on our forearms (real talk I got Flapjack tatted on my arm). Chowder is cool and all but I don’t really like cats, their useless animals. It’s like what do they actually do? No tricks, they don’t listen, their lil divas and scared of everything. This is why I also click heavy with Finn and Jake, They party HARD!.

+How is the art scene in Sacramento?

Lots of talent in Sac but the art scene is dry. It needs more support from the folks living in the city but it’ll get there…. Hopefully.

+Have you come across Chuuwee and Abstract the Ninjaa by any chance?

Yeah I saw Chuu when he came through to Stormalong to hit up some skate spots, long story short a couple boats got destroyed, lots of syrup was consumed and Dock Hag gave him to many dock tickets. I went and visited Ninjaa Guy in Death City a couple days ago, I’m not built for that kind of violence. We were working on plans for his new tape cover and the “Madness” started to take over so I cut out… I kinda like my soul.

+So you illustrate, painting, and make sculptures. I see that you also designed a skateboard. Describe some of the things you use to create your work. Why is it that you create your pieces in different forms?

Man I pretty much try to create or use anything I can. I get bored if I stick to just one thing so I try to do everything. I just feel it would be cool once I get famous for people to be like “yo I just copped a Mandark painting” and then the other guy will be like “bruh I copped a custom Mandark figure” and then the third guy will be like “ayo bruhs! I copped the custom Mandark rims!!” … Yeah something like that… I’d customize a fart if I could.

+The piece that sticks out to me the most is Batman with a lollipop in his mouth. It’s completely out of character, well at least from the Batman we know him as. Tell us a little bit about that one.

Well anyone that’s grown up around me knows that Batman is my hero. I own A lot of Batman comics and crap. When I imagined up that piece I was thinking in my head what’s something that could completely flip and soften up the thought of batman without making him a complete fruit. I honestly kept laughing at the thought of batman eating a sucker so I painted it. It’s all about imagination with me.

+Would you consider doing graffiti with your stuff?

I use to do A lot of graffiti at a young age vandalizing a lot of buildings, trash cans and what not. There became a point when I thought to myself hey do I want to go to jail for my art? Then I talked to some of the homies that got locked up for years for vandalism and it confirmed hey it’s not worth it. I love Graffiti to death and still dable here and there but I’m sticking to gallery work and legal murals for now on. I also love not getting Raped…

+If you had to opportunity to design album artwork for any musician, who would it be and why?

mmmmmm I’d have to say DOOM, dude has some real fun covers artistically and he’s the illest Emcee to walk the face of the earth (Yeah I SAID IT!).

+You make beats?

Yeah I enjoy playing with sounds. I mostly make em for myself to just listen to I don’t really have dreams of being a producer. I’ll drop beats randomly now that i just started a Soundcloud but Im really slow on updating it. Music is definitely a love of mine, fuels me to do everything I do.

+I’m guessing you like hip-hop. Who are some of the artists you listen to right now in hip hop or in any genre?

This is a never ending answer lol but on heavy rotation right today is Earl -Doris, JJ DOOM- Keys N Cuffs, Boards Of Canada -Twoism, MADLIB- Black Tape, Radom Axe, Chuuwee- THRILL, and few Mars Volta, FLY LO, Blockhead, Del Tha Funky and Beatles tracks… That’s what i listened to today.

+Where can I purchase your work? This work has some sort of nostalgia in which I need to hold one of these and show it off to my friends here in New Jersey.

Some of my smaller pieces are available at but for the paintings I mostly sell only during my art shows, I’ll post updates on my Facebook and other social networks on how to see and get pricing on the pieces available. You can also go to the website and if you see a piece that catches your fancy you can email me and I’ll give you pricing information.

+Thank you Mandark!

It was a pleasure doing this interview! THANKS!!

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