Museache presents – Kyle Cinciripini


Printmaker artist from Philadelphia, Kyle Cinciripini.

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Let everyone know who you are (Tell us about yourself).

My name is Kyle Cinciripini. I currently attend Tyler School of Art where I’ll be receiving a BFA in printmaking. My favorite subject matter are monsters.

The piece I keep leaning back to is “The Monsters: Misunderstood.” Describe some of the inspirations you get when creating some of your pieces and your preferred environment.

It’s funny, I often get asked what my inspiration is and I have a lot of difficulty answering it. When I draw, the monsters come so naturally; they’re just like a stream of conscious and I honestly don’t know what I’m going to make until I’m really far into the work. Sometimes I dive right into the work (as is the case with “The Monsters: Misunderstood” and most of my lithographs) but sometimes I’ll draw in my sketchbook and transfer images later. I’ve been drawing monsters for as long as I remember.

A question I always wanted to ask is about the mediums artists use. Talk about some of them that you use in your work. Are the mediums used to express some emotions portrayed from the image or do they come naturally?

Most of my work has a printmaking aspect. Mostly lithography, etching or silkscreen. Printmaking consists of making a permanent plate or surface with an image on it that will accept ink and then pressing that image onto a sheet of paper with a printing press – its complicated to describe but those are the basics. I think what I enjoy about printmaking is that there’s a process involved and there’s a set of rules that you have to abide by. It lends some structure to my otherwise chaotic process. It can be used to make many copies which makes it more affordable and accessible to the public, which is rather important to me. Also, printmaking lends itself to drawing more. I’ve never been a huge fan of painting but I love drawing; a lot of people think that once you start drawing you move onto painting but painting is so different from drawing. printmaking is, in my opinion, a much easier transition from drawing.

Please, talk about your sculptures! I see that they are more physical element of your paintings, yes?

Exactly. Recently, I’ve started to make soft sculptures of the monsters. It was a really natural transition for me. It still has the rather strict structure I enjoy: dyeing the fabric, printing the fabric, cutting the fabric, and sewing the fabric. I think it expresses myself a little more than my prints. It’s really exciting that my monsters are part of this world now. They’ve always been running around my head and on paper but this is the first time that they actually take up space in the real world. I feel like I’ve finally found my calling. My goal is to make installations with them. Who wouldn’t want to step into a room filled with giant, friendly stuffed monsters?

Check out his work on his site here!