Museache Presents: An Interview with GoldLink


It is only right that on the 40th birthday of Hip-Hop, that we are proud to bring you this incredible interview with the very talented up and coming Virginia rapper, GoldLink. Two decades of Hip-Hop and probably the only thing that hasn’t changed is that it still continues to be an outlet for an artist to tell their story. Even as Hip-Hop itself gets older there continues to be new and young talent like GoldLink that allows it to age gracefully. Goldlink is a budding rapper out of Virginia with the flow and talents that will capture your attention. After the jump check out our in depth interview with the mysterious rapper.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well I was born in D.C at Columbia Hospital (which no longer exist). I was raised in between Cheverly, MD and 58th street in D.C for the majority of my life. Then due to getting in trouble in school and fighting in the streets all day long, and on top of that my parents getting divorced, I ended up moving away to Virginia with my mother in hopes for a better life.

Who influenced your style?

The main influencers of my style are Toro y Moi, Arctic Monkeys, My Chemical Romance, Bombay Bicycle Club, B.Dolla, MGMT, Green Day, Coldplay, Nirvana and most definitely Pink Floyd. Surprising right? It’s mainly because of the instrumentation that these bands/producers use that’s so intriguing. It stirs up a certain unexplainable emotion I can’t describe.

A lot of blogs are comparing your flow on “Electronic Relaxation” to Chance the rapper, but how would you describe your flow? Or is it indescribable?

My flow in my opinion, is hands down different from anything I’ve ever heard, ESPECIALLY in the DMV. It’s a flow that developed over a span of 2 years for 8 hours a day. It’s a novice flow, this shit didn’t just happen over night or right after a new nigga drops his tape lol. But my mans Mike of Doom told me that, when people don’t understand something right away, they’ll compare it to any and everything before they praise it. GoGo music is the biggest influence in our area and has been for the last 30-35+ years. People shout, chant, yell, scream, dance, sing, and fight all in one song in GoGo music (well more so in the newer generation of it). With Chicago being the new city to pop and everybody knows that we’re up next, then of course there gonna compare us to them Chicago niggas. Our cities are the only two cities young and doing it. Shout out to Chance though.

What’s the dopest thing you’ve seen on Tumblr?

Man I seen a lot of cool shit on Tumblr. I don’t be on that joint like I used to be but, one thing cool I seen was this nigga “Nature Interview & Freestyle In Queensbridge“. If you fast forward to 3:13 you’ll see how extrad out NY was when the gang bang shit really hit. The video was crazy because you’ll see Nature politicking with Mike Delorean of “Bars N Hooks”, who dissed him about getting his chain snatched on that Cormega record. It was just some food for thought for all the young niggas who be out here emulating culture and don’t know the origins of it.

How do you separate yourself from other artists?

I don’t smoke, I don’t drink. I write all the time. I read a fucking LOT. I study neuroscience and the bible. And most importantly, I stay true. I don’t tell a lie for shit. I can guarantee you that you won’t here me say some foolish unrealistic shit about some shit I never did. Another thing is, I speak VERY metaphorically, yet very vague. I’m that type of nigga you gotta run back the record a few times to understand.

Can we expect a project from you in the near future?

I really shouldn’t say but fuck it….naw nevermind lol


How much has growing up in Virginia influenced your lyrics and sound?

It influenced me quite a lot actually. I don’t want to say too much but, just know that that “Virginia” song by The Clipse, never made more sense until I got in the street game in VA. I put in that work and that shit translates into my music very well. Another fun fact about me as well is that I run around in Baltimore as well, so from VA to Bmore, I’ve seen some shit. Shout out to SBG.

How much does the production affect your writing? Do you base concepts around the beats?

My writing has everything to do with the production. The beats bring an emotion out of me that I write towards the best of my ability to bring that emotion out of me and to the people. And yes/no. I do base the beats around the concept sometimes and other times I don’t.

It’s still early, but what do you hope to accomplish throughout your career?

Mannn, I honestly want to help out the black community the best way I can throughout my career. I want to be able to give EVERY young Black/Hispanic/Indian child an opportunity to work towards ANYTHING they set their mind to do. And I’m not bullshitting when I say this. Whether I gotta go build a youth center for the kids my damn self or go to the hood once a month and pass out turkeys and other cool shit on my Bumpy Johnson shit ya know?

What has been your biggest challenge with your music?

Finding beats that match my style because it’s never been done before. That’s the biggest challenge I’ve faced yet. SHOUT OUT TO I.V. AND ROYAL!

How has your music evolved since you began making music?

My voice got stronger and My content got realer. Over the last year, I started digging deep within myself and found truth and honesty and learned how to accept my past…and it ended becoming a great story. And I really appreciate you guys for taking interest into my artistry!

Make sure to follow GoldLink on Twitter: @GoldLink and listen to more music SoundCloud