Museache Presents: Alyea Pierce (Poet)



Alyea Pierce, student of Rutgers University, is a poetic entrepreneur. Not only is her work featured at the Apollo Theather, Broadway’s New Amsterdam Theater, Columbia University, and Kean University, but she is also self published author of a book entitled “Every Stranger Deserves a Poem.” How inspiring! Her name is one well known at Rutgers, being that she has performed at over 75 events and has been a member of the Rutgers Slam Team and Verbal Mayhem for the past three years. With already so much on her plate, she has gone the extra mile in creating her own business in which she is a Poetry Mentor, Public Speaking Coach, and a Workshop Instructor. She’s traveled from the east to the west coast in order to compete and perform her original poetry, and certainly has a voice and lyrics that will impact any listener. Check out the poet in one of her many brilliant performances and be sure to learn a little more about Alyea below!



So Alyea, tell me about your first writing experience.

Since I was a little girl I was always enticed by the arts, but I would only perform for myself.  My first writing experience was actually forced by my seventh grade English teacher, and I hated it.  After being forced to free write for 15 minutes every day, I finally wrote my first poem.  Then my dad saw my first poetry slam on MSG, the Knicks poetry slam, and then from there…it all became history.  My inspiration was the fact that I could never speak my true feelings.  I always held a lot in as a child, and never knew how to voice my words… so my motivation every time I get on a stage is that I must speak for those who can’t.

What or who inspires you? 

Nikki Giovanni, Maya Angelou, and many spoken word artists (too many to say) are who I look up to.  All of them are so special in the way that they write and give me an entirely new perspective on how to write.  I have watched Def Poetry and many other youtube videos, gone to many workshops at Urban Word in NY, and watch many Youtube videos over and over again to analyze the style of mannerisms I like.  I also enjoy watching motivational speakers, singers, and actors because poetry is a complete compilation of them all (Plus deep down I always wanted to be a singer -Alyea chuckles)

Under what conditions do you write? 

I never have a specific time I write. That is like saying DaVinci definitely paints his masterpieces at 5pm on Wednesday, but only when it’s raining.  I personally believe anything that is true will come to light when the time is right.  I may not write a poem for 5 months and then my most favorite piece will come to me at 3am, sometimes it comes to me in the middle of a 15 page paper for my Communication class.  It truly all depends.  Art is random, and that is what I adore so much about.  There is no time when it comes to art. There are no amazing bursts of creativity (sitting on the Rutgers bus on a Friday night is inspiration.)  Art, I believe, by yourself  is great. All you have is your regret, your love, your anger, your tears, your thoughts.

What emotions overcome you when performing? 

When I am on stage nothing matters.  It is honestly one of the best feelings in the world to know what you love to do, why you love it, and what you want to achieve every time you do it.  I can only speak for myself, but many people think that because a performer has been performing for so long that they don’t get nervous, but in my case, that is more than false.  Number one: I am absolutely terrified of cameras (Alyea laughs).  My hands and feet shake, I can’t breathe properly, and I get SO nervous right before I go on stage because giving a piece of yourself to an audience is terrifying.  When I am writing there isn’t much fear or anything to get nervous about because it is just for me, I am in a room by myself and I am writing for myself.

What kind of audiences do you target in your writings? 

When it comes to my business I am specifically targeting the young adult audience in the 18-28 bracket.  However, because I have been asked to perform at certain events and prepare pieces for a certain audience, I can reach almost an age group and transform my entire delivery to accommodate that particular group.

So I hear you’ve come out with a book… How did you make that transition from writing and performing poetry?

Vodell Richmond’s 30 day Writers Academy was probably one of the most revitalizing and draining experiences of my life.  It was such an amazing experience to learn the recipe to writing a book, and it is possible in 30 days!!!  I never wanted to rush anything because this is my baby.  It was very easy taking my poetry to page because the written word is necessary.  It is not only a book of poems but a compilation of intertwining short stories.  It revolves around how we are all strangers in this world dying to be connected, and despite racial or economic difference we can immediately connect over Love, Life, and Loss.  So the Narrator, Wordsmith takes you on his most adventurous day, in which he meets Love, Life, and Loss.  I self published my book and  I will be writing several more books in the future, so definitely keep an eye out for me and my first book entitled “Every Stranger deserves a Poem.”  You can email if you would like a copy or go through Amazon and search the title.

Where can your performances be viewed? And where can fans find out about your upcoming performances, and even contact you?

If you would like to hear more of my work, you can subscribe to my Youtube channel at @AlyeaPiercePoetry, Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @AlyeaSpeaks. I am always posting my upcoming performances and other updates on these social networks, so please follow! Also, as I said earlier, if you would like to contact me in regards to my book or inviting me to perform at your school or community organization, you can email (You can also get my book through Amazon!)

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