Museache Presents: 19 Albums We Loved in 2014

2014 Best AlbumsWhile 2014 lacked the big name releases relative to 2013, it was nonetheless still a great year for the underground music scene. This year was highlighted by openness to new musical tastes and experimental sounds. Some artists were able to capitalize and gain new fans such as Raury and FKA Twigs. There was also great debut releases from artists creating their own sounds, think GoldLinkiLoveMakonnen, & Ratking. But before 2015 kicks off let’s take a look at some our favorite projects from the past year.

Below you will find some of our favorite mixtapes, albums, and EPs from 2014. Projects marked with “Museache Selects” are our top favorites. Feel free to click around and find some great music. Please don’t try to go through the whole list all in one day, but bookmark it and come back after you sat and listened to each project. Most of all thank you reading and being a believer in Museache, we hope to see you in 2015. Peace and love from the Museache family. Be sure to check our 15 favorite songs from 2014.

(Click on the cover art to stream each project.)

Favorite Projects of 2014

Hadassah – Lead Balloon

Imagine Lauryn Hill, Janelle Monae, and Erykah Badu all in one package singing about insecurities, love, and criticism from the world for being herself.

Museache Selects: Asha – Masterbait

You know this Garden state debut was bound to be good when you heard this speech from Will Smith’s Pursuit of Happyness.


Wara From the NBHD –Kidnapped

The self-produced, Neptunes and rock influenced, album serves as the perfect backdrop for Wara to narrate his life in Atlanta.


Wara From the Nbhd

Theophilus Martins – Doing It For Television

After a few years of, Theo Martins escape to LA to make one of his best projects to date helping him cleanse and figure out exactly who he is.

Theophilus Martins

Michael Cera – true that

Michael Cera is no stranger to the music world, but it was more surprising that he dropped a spontaneous lo-fi album that was pretty good.

Michael Cera

Museache Selects: Jon Bap – Let It Happen

“The wonderful Jon Bap continues to explore and delve deeper into experimenting with various sounds in which it seems he’s letting things happen naturally while letting go of what’s supposed to be.” – Aziz

Jon Bap

Museache Selects: Gabriel Garzón-Montano – Bishouné: Alma del Huila

If you liked D’angelo’s Black Messiah, give this album a listen you won’t regret it.

Gabriel Garzon Montano

Mick Jenkins – The Waters

After a year of anticipation, The Waters answer the question on if Mick Jenkins is in the top percentage of rising Chicago MCs.

Mick Jenkins

Blu – Good to be Home

Good To Be Home is Blu’s ode to the place he calls home, the West coast. Lyrically Blu holds his own as always and Bombay is the sole producer on another classic release.


Via Rosa – Cinderella ’99

Some of the best albums/mixtapes came out of Chicago this year and this was one of them with Via’s honey vocals all over the project.

Via Rosa

Michael Christmas – Is this Art?

Filled as “Regular guy rap”, Christmas has mastered the art of humor, awareness, and just having fun while talking about normal things we all run in to on our Day2Day.

Michael Christmas

Leo Syris & Jours Chrulie – MAGNOLIA

“Leo Syris and Jours Chrulie crafted this beautiful creature, where it is quite experimental and just so damn eccentric even I get put into a different state of mind after each listen.” – Aziz


Leo Syris

K.Raydio & O-D – One Drop

LucidDreamingSkylines, her last project of 2013, has to get an honorable mention but One Drop stands out as one of K’s strongest releases so far.


Choosey – Left Field

A beautifully crafted  free west coast album with production (knxwledge, Like of Pac Div, Abjo) & features (Blu & Fashawn) that most rappers dream of.


Marcus Ariah – Growth

Growth is filled with harsh realities of growing up in Newark, NJ tied with vulnerabilities of being a man finding his own way.

marcus ariah

Lucki Eck$ – Body High

“The psychedelic and drug influenced soundscapes is led by his cool molasses-like flow that just fills every corner of each track.” – Aziz

Lucki Eck$

GoldLink – The God Complex

We interview GoldLink back in August of 2013 with no idea that The God Complex and the future bounce genre would take 2014 by storm.


Museache Selects: Ratking – So it Goes

With all the praise and reviews Ratking gets, I still feel like it is not enough coverage and attention for the raw energy of the Harlem natives. So It Goes is not a Hip-Hop album, but rather a high-octane NYC byproduct.


Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Piñata

Gangster Gibbs accepted a challenge with Madlib’s production style and comes out on the other side triumphantly on one of the most underrated releases this year.

Freddie Gibbs