Audio Premiere



You know whenever we’re on a hiatus, it’s usually for a good cause and I was simply marauding more dope content for all your hungry eyes and ears. The first gem comes from Hanz debut project Grey Matter. Sonically, you’re in for a ride with textures that cross hip-hop, rock, and punk influences; all this stems from Hanz genre fluidity as a youth. All this can be attributed to the in-house production and years of creative direction from the LVN Art collective. Grey Matter thematically dissects the plights of materialism, addiction, and power hungriness all while using the foundation of a menacing soundscape to paint a complete picture. 

My favorite song on the project is probably “Paranoia Paradise” for many reasons. One, it’s the one track that embodies my most personal sentiments and confusion I dealt with in the year prior to and during the recording of the tapeMoreover, it was the most musical track on the tape…and is a small sample of what makes me unique from other rappers around and in music period. – Hanz

As with most debut projects look out for some visuals this coming summer along with a few live performances. In the mean time get familiar with the project below.

Stream Grey Matter Below: