Museache Metamorphosis: 3 Years In

This story does not have a happy ending. Well technically this story doesn’t have an ending. More like a new beginning.

Today marks 3 years since Museache was digitally born. It seems like the perfect time for us to reflect on all that’s changed so far and what’s still to come. Internally, the Museache family has multiplied and matured since that first Museache post and that passion that brought us all together has intensified the deeper we go down the rabbit hole.  Externally, we’ve put on  showcases, New Year parties, traveled to festivals and made unforgettable memories with artists we’ve connected with IRL. The world, specifically music blogs, has changed a lot in those same 3 short years. All that change has made us contemplate on where we fit into all of this and where we want to be moving forward.


In short, it’s time for a change in our appearance with our new logo and a shift in our content focus. We owe a lot of our accomplishments to being a blog, but the label “music blog” has pigeon holed us to the point we no longer easily fit in. Music is what binds us, but we are photographers, designers, music producers, writers, and much more.

We want museache to be representative of who we are completely and thus we will begin to reduce the amount of music content we curate. It doesn’t mean we will stop completely but we want to open a new door the things that inspire and hopefully you everyday.

We haven’t made a single dime off of this and I don’t think any us would ever want to. Everything was paid and labored with love. We are grateful for the artists we’ve met through this outlet, the bonds that were strengthened, and our continuous self discovery. Your art has changed our lives more than you will ever know

We’d like to thank all of our readers, show supporters, and Internet buddies while at the same time invite you on a new journey as we find new avenues to express ourselves. Whether that is through the form of a zine, multimedia installations, events, or a good ole fashion blog post. We will continue to evolve and change just as the world does around us.

Welcome to the new era of Museache.