Self painted portrait. Such a G

All praise Yahweh. Jon Bap has re-released one of the best pieces of work in the last 2 years. Don’t believe me? Cool, it’s your loss. If you’re open to spice up your playlist then take a chance and bump this sh!t.

Ever since “Let It Happen” was released back in November 2014, I played it nearly everyday until he committed one of the greatest robberies on the internet and deleted the EP. It’s cool though I had it stashed on the iTunes and kept the goodness myself until I found some listeners who would appreciate its magic. After about a year of keeping it low profile, the EP resurfaces with proper support of Fresh Selects – one of my favorite labels that have hand picked some tasteful music.

Bap does it all in this EP from “Gooder Than Before” to the final track “Let it Happen”. Just 15 minutes of heavy grooves, half steps, and odd time signatures that’ll blow you away. It’s got soul, hip hop, and some future acoustic feel that keep you mean mugging the whole time. I had no idea “Workin” was in 7/4 until recently god damn.

Alright I’m done babbling.

Be sure to check out the full release here. He added some sweet jam sessions takes!