An Interview with Grandmilly

grandmilly interview

Museache gets a chance to chat with one of the more prolific rhymesayers hailing from Hempstead, NY. He touches on his inspirations, their effect on the music, and where he stands today as an artist. We also get some words from Kazeem Oladimeji in which they talk about +visualaid and much more including a suggested prescription to get you through everyday. With Mind, Body, and Soul on the way Grandmilly already has tons of product to share with the world.

MA: Tell us about yourself.

GM: “I’m from Hempstead Long Island I like to smoke to old music and write and make timeless music for hip hop heads.”

MA: How was Epicfest? I know it must’ve been awesome out there.

GM: “Yea that shit was fun I feel like I did a good enough job performing.”

MA: You guys love the 90s Era and I see the high level of maturity in your music regarding the respect you have for that era. Talk about your influences from that time. From music to movies to anything.

GM: “Everything from that time frame I feel was just better than everything else from TV to music to movies and shit. All the shit from the 90s was just iller and realer great era to pull influence from.”

MA: I find the religious imagery and its symbolism in your music really interesting. Great touch. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam, to Christianity. What’s the significance of these pieces in your music?

GM: “Just yearning to know what our purpose is and that subject being something that you can always touch on because the questions that come with that imagery has tons of questions that might not ever have answers so I love talking about the Devine and spirituality.”

MA: Who are your favorite artists of today?

GM: “I’m a fan of this rapper from my hometown named Roc Marciano google him if you never heard of him. I like Action Bronson’s shit, this kid KA from BK is dope as well, I also like this kid name Retch his shit is cold.”

MA: What’s the scene like in Hempstead?

GM: “No real scene in Hempstead just everyday people. It’s kind of a slow and steady hustle and bustle you got your gangsters and regular niggas like in every town it’s not that big of a place alotttta people call it the lost borough.”

KO: “Black suburb filled with low middle class to piss poor blacks, latinos, and white. everything from Americans, Jamaicans, Haitians, a very large Latino community, bloods, crips, ms13, Latin kings, everything resides here in Hempstead and the surrounding towns, (Freeport, Roosevelt, Baldwin, Uniondale just to name a few). Very small in the scene of how much people know each other closely and grew up with each, it town has it own high school and 9/10 you knew some girl or a homeboy from another town or high school growing up.”

MA: What’s the ‘Lost Island’ by the way?

GM: “Long Island the lost borough so niggas call it lost island we coined that term like three years ago n shit.”


MA: Since you’ve not been apart of Raider Klan, I’ve noticed you tapped into the soulful side of hip hop and tons of visuals have been produced. What’s new about today’s Grandmilly? It’s great to see the creative juices flowing constantly.

GM: “Well for starters I feel like I’m catering to a whole different audience other than the KLVN fans and I still love them niggas I just had to take my music back to the essence because that’s the foundation. I’m a New Yorker and that’s the birthplace of the shit we do today so it would be the silliest shit for me not to take it there. Plus, I’m a fan of soulful frequency pleasing music any way I love that feelin’ you get in your spine from the type of music I’ve been making more recently.”

MA: What was the significance of the shades in Tommy Hilfiger? Why was the left shade missing?

GM: “Well really it was just because the homie genuinely just had a missing shade but I had to wear them shits because they was too fly lol, but as we shot the video it really just represented to me the duality of life and how people have two sides. One side of everyone is there normal everyday self and the other side is the star we all think we are or are just striving to become. That’s it really.”

MA: Talk about +VisualAid and let everyone know about what you guys produce, I mean you guys cover videography, photography, artwork, and more. You guys are pretty good at giving an artist an aesthetic.

GM: “Yea man them my niggas they shot the bulk of the videos I got up right now they work real closely wit this company I’m apart of called no coast we just dropped a tape and everything so I’m just hoping everything we do as a whole turns into more opportunity and notoriety.”

KO: “+visualaid is a creative design + direction company started by Chris X and Myself (Kazeem Oladimeji). We wanted to give ourselves a platform to display of works we have done and the works we do for artist we have a close bond with, Grandmilly, Bones (teamsesh), Key Nyata, HitBOy & HS87 crew and many more. We work individual at times but will be doing more works together this upcoming fall.”

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MA: Who makes the sketches for last couple of artworks, “All for one Freestyle” and “Slave”?

GM: “My bro Chris x he is like a borderline genius lol he’s the creative mind behind +visualaid and the no coast company he works just like we work he also makes music so we really got alotta firepower between all of us.”

KO: “Chris X designed those covers for such.”

MA: Would you guys consider doing full length film? I can totally see you (Grandmilly) acting as Wood Harris in something Lol.

GM: “Lmao that would be ill I been wantin to get my “eminem in 8 mile” on for a while lol word.”

KO: “Me and Chris along with Omar Jones of Freeminds Collective are working on two short films. You may see Grandmilly involved on some acting you may not.. details will come soon lol.”


MA: Outside of music, what do you do in your leisure time?

GM: “Smoke and figure out what else I want out of life other than this rap shit and fuck my girl.”

MA: You’ve given us a lot thus far, but when can we expect Mind, Body, and Soul? I mean it’s pretty exciting to hear more of your personal production.

GM: “Music that pleases all three of those elements of our being. Golden era flows and beats that catch the ear a little more than my old records. Y’all should really just expect a real solid hip hop project thats gon’ make you think about GRANDMILLY way differently as far as my style and my life and really just everything that encompasses me.”

MA: Any last words?

GM: “Stay positive. Never stop fighting the demons because the minute you stop they feel victorious and victory is ours everyday can’t nobody stop you from doin’ whatever the fuck it is you wanna do and smoke as much weed as possible it helps lol. I deal wit ALOTTA shit but when everything pans out. Imma build a future for myself and everybody I love those who are watching me can be proud of.”