tracks_feature_imageA rainy day editing some photos with Soundcloud streaming in the background turned into a zen like rabbit hole of creativity and music indulgence. I originally started by skipping through songs on Soundcloud until I came across Drea Smith and her captivating vocals. I marinated on “9 {out your life}” for a while and ended up listening to about an hour worth of tracks without skipping. When I finally got up to grab some grub and use the bathroom, I realized how rare that sliver in time had been. [I rarely ever get to indulge in Soundcloud sessions uninterrupted anymore.] By then, the playlist had began to shift to a more up beat rhythm and life distractions began pouring in. Long story short, I decided to put those songs into a playlist for future creatives looking for a rainy day tranquil playlist. Stream the “Calm Within the Storm” below.