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If you recall a couple months back, we did a recap of HO99O9‘s kickass performance in downtown Newark’s The LifeLab. Now they’re back on Museache for the release of their latest music video released via Complex UK for “Casey Jones/Cum Rag.” The video captures the duo in their zone, and gives you a taste of what to expect at one of their shows.

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The Bryan Ray-Turcotte directed video, shot by LA photographer Estevan Oriol shows just how far the NJ natives have come, low-riding around LA in a 1967 Monte Carlo and encouraging their fans to rage and wild out with them. With their GG Allin inspired performance antics, HO99O9 has nothing to hide when they’re in their zone.


Check out the video below and if you’re in LA, make sure to catch them on Sunday, Feb. 1st at the MOCA Geffen Contemporary Printed Matter.