Full Moon Fest Brings the Beach to NYC

Close your eyes. Bring your focus inward and slowly guide your mind to your breathing. This is how The Big Quiet kicked off Full Moon Fest this past Saturday at NYC’s Governors Island and it was the perfect indicator of how the one day fest would unfold. Prepare to feel a slight case of fomo from the pseudo beach-side experience that conveyed a worldly cultural sensibility mixed with a New York state of mind.

I’ve never been to a more relaxing music festival before. I honestly would have documented the entire festival from the hammock above, but there were too many new friends to be made and too much music to be heard. Three stages of music to be exact, all with their own curated set designs and musical destinations. A building sized jungle gym dome filled with haze, teen spirit, and a disco ball, carried deep cuts from Jeremy Underground and Awesome Tapes From Africa. The latter, was literally blowing dust off rare African cassette tapes for his set.

Beach chairs, DIY plant installations, and almost endless supply of Coronas were all apart of the Matte Project’s meticulous attention to detail on the festival’s beach theme. The main stage attracted a lot of traffic throughout the day as Tops, Abra, and Kelela took turns gracing the stage. Plenty of voices were gone by the end of the night and Instagram stories were overloaded with spontaneous moments of joy.

My favorite non-music curated moment happened when a giant rainbow arched over the main stage right before sunset. It was a fitting symbol of the inclusiveness of the festival’s audience and performances. One hour later, the Thunder moon was full and Kelela and Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers started causing high tides in the Hudson River.