Freq Show Brings Dilla Day to the Life Lab (Recap)

When I walked into the Freq Show, this past Saturday night, I could tell automatically that I was in for a grandiose time. People were filing in through the door and making their way as close to the speakers as they could all fit (not until they grabbed themselves a Donut for Dilla Day of course) in order to feel the frequencies directly. The melodic tunes of the host and emcee for the night, Steeve Sam, were transfusing gracefully with the boom-bap rhythms of our favorite chef, Good Food, to start the night off and get the ever-growing crowd in the zone. Anybody that was there could tell you: this Freq Show was one for the books.

FREQ2The Freq Show, or the Progressive Beat Culture showcase, is far more than just a showcase. From their first show, which was just a year ago in a small studio in Orange, New Jersey (happy birthday, guys!), to now, its amazing how much progress has been made without losing the qualities that make this such a unique experience. This was by far the best Freq Show yet.

“I couldn’t think of a better show to lose my Freq Show virginity and the J Dilla tribute weekend was the icing on the cake.” – Colin 

The night was a celebration of a year’s worth of hard work, a remembrance of the late great producer J. Dilla, and the culmination of a movement. It only made sense that every artist on the line up came equipped with the freshest beats they could provide. Each producer had their own set up and were giving the crowd something to vibe to with an authentic throwback style live MPC performance. At the same time, video artist Fat Blood had the sickest double projector screening over and behind the performance stage creating the most stimulating visuals to keep us captivated as we lost ourselves in the music.

The dual projector installation not only stimulated the audience, it seemed like it gave each producer super saiyan like energy .” – Colin 


Its hard to say who had the best set, because nothing about the night felt like a competition. Each producer’s set brought a different vibe to the loft and they all complimented one another with different, energetic sounds that kept the crowd engaged and active.FREQ6

“Rest in Beats” – Fans in the picture above

You truly missed out on a mesmerizing experience if you missed this past Freq Show at the LifeLab. This is definitely something that you want to make sure you’re a part of the next time it happens. The energy in the room was so dense, it was almost hard to breathe though, that could be accounted for by the numerous stoners in the room. I have no doubt in my mind that J. Dilla would have been proud at what these creatives put together in a loft in Downtown Newark on a Saturday night. Check out the rest of the photos from the night below.





Photo Credit: Colin Pieters