Festivals We’re Checking Out This Summer

Every summer, thousands of people shell out absurd amounts of money to go see some of their favorite performers hold down one of many stages, usually underneath all-day blazing heat. Battling dehydration, getting your toes stomped out, and hearing the same song over and over are all the new norms of festival season. In 2017, everyone is searching for that perfect music festival experience that may eventually become the highlight of their golden years. Unfortunately, due to commercialization and hungry promoters trying to rake in the most profit, that perfect festival experience has all but faded. Festivals have lost their sparkle, but leave it to small indie festivals to return that light back to its rightful place.


June 23-25 | Port Lands Toronto, Canada


If you missed SXSW, then there is still a chance to catch their northeastern counterpart across the border. One of the more seasoned festival on the list, 2017 will mark the 23rd anniversary of NXNE. On top of a 3-day festival and similar to SXSW, NXNE also features discussion panels, comedy, and interactive art installations. The performance lineup is a healthy mixture of new and veteran voices, including Kaytranada, River Tiber, and Passion Pit just to name a few. This may be one of the more exhausting festivals in terms of length, but it offers enough breaks and non-demanding activities  like a giant Ferris wheel  and long-range basketball to recharge.

Guard D’Avant

Photo Credit: Colin Pieters

Every Tuesday, July 4th – August 1st | Military Park, Newark, NJ


Newark’s 5 week summer series is turning 4 this year and it’s starting to pick up some steam. Even after securing public and private sponsors, Guard D’Avant still maintains it’s NJ defining eclectic roots . The last few lineups have brought out musicians like Oshun, Anna Wise, and Dam-Funk blended with a curated mixture of New Jersey bred talent. The bar has been set, so you know this year’s summer lineup will only get better with a few notable names soon to be announced. Almost forgot to mention, admission FREE, so there is no excuse to miss this one.

Full Moon Fest

July 8th | Governor’s Island, NYC


The west coast feels have been teleported to the middle of the east coast on NYC’s scenic beach aka Governor’s Island. Full Moon Fest is ever so slightly straddling the line of mainstream summer festival and intimate indie dance party. The main acts include a re-birthed Vic Mensa, Larry Heard aka MR Fingers, and a 1 hour guided meditation session, so you know the energy will be honest and organic. The Matte Project,  a small creative boutique and the creators of Full Moon, drew the festival inspiration from the beach parties celebrating the full moon in Haad Rin on the island of Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand. Wait, so after sunset, headlining acts will be wrapped in the ambient light of a NYC full moon? You had me at Full Moon!

Mad Liberation

Source: Mad Liberation

August 18 – 20th | Paradise Lakes. Hammonton, NJ


Bask in an atmosphere championed by nature while freeing yourself of fears as you embark on a sonic journey. In the face of mundane festivals, Mad Liberation could be New Jersey’s one beacon of light. Weekend highlights will include 36 hours of live music on the lip of a meditative lake under actual stars deep in a forest. Music will definitely be the main focus, but the prophets of freedom will be consciously returning the festival experiences back to the rightful owners. Your hearts.

I hope to see you at one of these festivals this summer. Look out for the Museache logo, probably hiding behind a camera or being spiritually reborn in a mosh pit.