Artwork Videos



I haven’t been to many music showcases where the visual art is synchronized with the sounds being played, but this is where Fatblood and the rest of the homies over at Freq Show exceed and stand out. When I walked into the one Freq Show event at the Life Lab a lil while back, I remember seeing the overlapping projection screens and thinking: Oh boy. I’m in for the total body experience now. And that was true. So I’m glad to see that in the most recent live Freq Show, that these artists haven’t let up giving us the dopest full sensory experience in Jersey, and thats Fo’sho word to Mello.


Fatblood is a visual master-creator, for lack of a better way to describe what he does. While the guys are on the 1’s and 2’s sending vibes through the speakers and Steeve Sam‘s voice is crooning over them, Fatblood is behind the lights display show that brings the experience together. I did a little digging and found the hidden treasure chest of his work on his website, filled with visual gems.

This synchronization of sights and sounds definitely leaves your dope sensors feeling beyond satisfied. I’m glad to have found the stash of Fatblood’s work on the interwebs and cannot wait for the next chance to get visually stimulated. Enjoy more sights below.