Ezrakh is Majestic in ‘Deity’ Video

Usually when we write about the premiere of a new video, it originates from a distant place of observation and documentation. But after today, we are spectators no more. EZRAKH’s “Deity” serves as the first, hopefully of many, Museache directed music videos.

“Deity” is also the first single from the singer, producer, and DJ’s new album Infinity: Prima Materia. The song itself is undeniably hypnotizing from the initial chords and continues to work its magic until you’re thrusted into the “ascended place”. Usually the place you go to once your ears get snatched by a particular set of sonics and you momentarily get detached from reality.

The challenge for Museache was to help create a set of visuals that would complete that experience while allowing EZRAKH and Allura to be ethereal. Challenge accepted! By chance, on our dates to film the video, it decided to snow creating a mixture of impromptu filming, chilled teamwork, and a wintry texture that fits so well for “Deity”. This was by far one of our favorite experiences as a team and we could not have made these visuals happen without all the allstars involved.


Starring: Allura Bacchus & EZRAKH

Directed by: Museache

Cinematographers: Aziz Ramos & Colin Pieters

Creative Director & Producer: Rughda Baldo

Assistant Creative Director: EZRAKH

Production Assistant: Chris Wilson

Parting note: The extended album version of EZRAKH’s “Deity” is just as hypnotizing. Listen for yourself with the Spotify stream below: