Beats, Burgers, & Frisbee w/ Flamingosis

Museache hangs with the well traveled producer, Flamingosis, in a rather eventful day in Brooklyn. This is the beginning of my quest to reach 1000 records.

Cover by Aziz
Photographed by Rughda

Brooklyn, NY

11:08am – I get a text from Aaron Flamingosis that read “Yo man I Just woke up”. I look up from my phone and the cashier is lazily ringing my groceries up. It was just the essentials for breakfast so nothing too crazy. “You want the receipt”, she says, smiling through the corner of my eye as I was staring out the windows leading to the exit where a Dominican parade was marching down Knickerbocker Ave. I quickly snapped of my trance, gather my belongings, and weaved my way through baby strollers and the rhythmic dancing crowds chanting anthems.

I appear at my apartment door and bustled my into a dim and unlit living room where I see Aaron sitting on the couch resting forehead into clenched fists. He exhaled his tiredness and murmured underneath the ruffling of plastic bags, “What’s good dude?” He arose from his seating, we drew near each other and exchange morning daps. We then went our ways in the kitchen to begin our morning feast.

The 23 year old Morristown, NJ native Aaron Velasquez reaches for Frosted Cheerios and milk in which he already had the eating utensils planted on the table. I suddenly hear him plop down at the chair and draped his cereal in milk. Once I got myself situated I sat right next to him with freshly toasted bagels and sizzling turkey bacon. We eventually moved over to the couch where the aux cord lied lonely on the floor. I open my laptop to resume my browsing from last and the screen lock unveils my current on YouTube. “Oh, The Moments are dope..”, he mumbles underneath a mouthful yet it was a sense of approval.

I was listening to “Ride Your Pony Girl” by the soulful group. For some odd reason I was repeatedly bumping “Complications” by Consequence which featured a Kanye West blended verse from “Wouldn’t Get Far”. Mick Boogie and Terry Urban were my shit back in high school. YouTube commenters always leave some information worth researching. Aaron began to talk about his appreciation for YouTube digging and his father’s collection of gems. “Digging through YouTube can be really fun”, still slowly chomping away, “there’s some rare shit on there”.

We continue chat over some Evan Holt & whoarei, ABGOHARD, and Joyce Moreno humming through the speakers. We even got chocolate chip pancakes for FREE and delivery in which my roommate gets ready for his brunch with his sister. “Hey if I were you I would eat these”, he said. His lady friend ordered them with the intention to get to her at work but the address to our abode was linked to her account. *Ye shrug* My phone vibrates the two syllables in my name and I reach for it underneath my cheeks. Our friend Hamer buzzed, “Yo if u haven’t left yet could u bring my glasses too? They are in the front pocket”. The friendly reminder jolted our relaxed states and we got ready to start our day.

1:17pm – Aaron and I meet up with Hamer on the corner of Montrose Ave heading towards Johnson. He had just completed a half marathon at the Coney Island Boardwalk. “Bruh I ran it in an hour and 34”, he says with utter surprise, “I don’t know how the fuck that happened.” Aaron chuckled, “Dude that’s like”, punches digits on his phone “What? That’s like 7 minutes a mile! Holy shit congrats bro”, he says with pure amazement at his long time buddy from their hometown.

We push onward to our crate dig destination. The gloomy skies began to clear as the two conversed about past friendships with others they knew, Aaron seemed more alive. Hamer brings me into the conversation and utters, “Bro, I can’t believe you’re going to LA”, and jokingly says “I’m coming with you”. We talked about past travels and where we’d love to go such as Egypt, Vancouver, and Montreal. Aaron interjects and talks about his experience there along with other places he toured over the past couple of months especially ever so busy March. “I had a crazy tour month of March man..” He looks up and exhaustingly reminisces about the six cities he played.

“Yeah, I went to Austin, Chicago, Denver, right in here Brooklyn, Kansas City, and Boise”. I looked at him with surprise when he mentioned Boise and he exhales, “Yeah Boise was the best place I played at in that month. It was the Tree Fort Musical Festival. So dope man.. they got some heat out there”. Our conversation came to a halt when we reached Human Head Records. The presence of the store was quite intriguing in which you could see in the main window two spinning mannequin heads on a rotating surface. Once we stepped in we were overwhelmed by the amount of genres that scattered the store. Every nook and cranny had a genre of its own. Aaron delves into the dense collection of RnB along with the jazz collection in which he sifts through the likes of Ahmad Jamal and Yusef Lateef. I on other hand was attracted to the punk rock section where I spot a rare Inflatable Boy Clams record especially the absurdly printed covers of the Butthole Surfers.

2:35pm – I get a call from Rughda saying she’s nearby the store and about to make her appearance. I lean back from the shelf and look far towards the back of the room and I see Aaron grooving in the zone and hunched over the record player with overhead headphones on. I closed the call expecting to see her in a second and I pick up “Mountain” by Lee West and an album by Three Dog Night for a sampler at the listening station. Within a couple minutes Rughda appears and taps me on the shoulder. The three us exchanged greetings wile Hamer is chilling on the bench outside talking to some of the ladies who came to dig. Aaron glances at Rughda and asks “Were you at Seed Gallery by any chance? You look familiar”. She confirms that they’ve crossed paths at a Freq Show performance at the Seed Gallery in Newark.

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We continue to browse just a little longer until Aaron says, “I think I’m good”. The three of us purchased our goods and proceeded a couple blocks to a block party along Boerum St. Unlike the the parade on Knickerbocker, this one had stage performances orchestrating the dancing of the audience. This was a checkpoint where we decide our next moves. Hamer heads back to his humble abode in the Upper West Side due to fatigue from his marathon earlier this morning. The rest of us proceed to Action Burger.

5:14pm – After a long trek in Williamsburg we stop at the burger joint straight out of a comic book. The restaurant was very ornate of action figures and comic books plastered along the walls which lead to a couple of old TVs hooked up to a PS2 and the original XBox. Mountains of UNO cards, Cards Against Humanity, a collection of the original Star Wars films are propped up against Master Chief’s helmet. An episode Family Guy filled the empty space of the restaurant with the bickering and nagging from Stewie and Peter giggling. So we order our food grab the endless stack of UNO cards and deal draw cards back and forth until our food appears under our noses.

Time passes a little after demolishing our burgers. I look up from my basket of fries and Aaron is staring blankly towards the opposite end of the restaurant leading to the exit. “Wanna hit up the arcade after this?”, he asks as he grovels to the machine running Street Fighter Alpha. I followed him towards the machines as I listed the games they: Killer Instinct, at truck load of SEGA games, and a NEOGEO station. I fiddle with Street Fighter for a bit as he toggled through the list of games on the NEOGEO. I suggest if he finds Metal Slug I would certainly join him. His eyes suddenly light up and says, “Dude Metal Slug is the shit”. He eventually finds the game and we kick some army ass in the CO-OP mode.

7:29pm – We left Action Burger after countless stages of Metal Slug to the hit park off of Jefferson and Starr (Maria Hernandez Park). As we come out from underground on the subway we’re shocked the sun is still up at this hour. Aaron begins to toss his frisbee up and down in the air. He’s been waiting to play all day. His father was actually an excellent freestyle frisbee guy in his younger days. “He wasn’t an Ultimate Frisbee athlete but he was sick at freestyle”, he says monotonously. “I’m actually thinking of doing a video with a concept revolving around my dad and frisbee.. It should be pretty chill.” One of his EP covers, Oldskool, captures a candid shot of his father and teammate holding a frisbee.

We finally agree on the place to play at Maria Hernandez. I set a good amount of throwing distance from him, sets his feet way over yonder free and hesitantly dishes out the first throw. He speaks of his management Treasuredog which isn’t too far from where we are. “I should link you up with them some time they stay right off of Dekalb”. Rughda joins us and we play until the itis finally kicks in. We figure it’s time to relax on the benches nearby.

We finally reveal to each other the records we got at Human Head. I got two: a holographic album by The Rolling Stones titled Their Satanic Majesties Request [1967] and yes I had to get to Cream Corn by Butthole Surfers. Rughda reveals her selections: a Jimi Hendrix and the standout piece titled “Body Rock” [1998], single by Mos Def, Q-Tip, & Tash. The single was originally featured on a track listing of Lyrical Lounge Vol 1. Aaron and I look at the single cluelessly in which we’ve never heard this track before.

Aaron unveils his selection and he admits he couldn’t restrain himself from getting more than two. He whips out “A Portfolio of Ahmad Jamal” by Ahmad Jamal, “Send Me Your Love” by Kashif, “Let Me Touch You” by The O’Jays, “A Quiet Storm” by Smokey Robinson, “Chain Reaction” by The Crusaders, “The Captain and Me” by The Doobie Brothers, and last but not least a rare piece by J Dilla, “Pay Jay”.

The artwork was very ornate and vibrant. I have to admit I was jelly in which I have never discovered this record before. Pay Jay featured unreleased beats from 2008 and it was hidden in the madness of Human Head Records.

After a long and active day were quite satisfied. The satisfaction could be fulfilled even more with a little illumination which is exactly what we did in my backyard to end the day just right.