Battlefest League shows us dance moves can speak


There’s always that one dude that says he can see sounds in colors or wifi frequencies that sounds like “minimal tech music”. Frankly those proclamations don’t mean anything because there’s no vessel¬†to convey those sights emotionally. Battlefest league (BFL) is an organization comprised of street dancers all over the world who “battle dance” one on one. Yes you heard right, not “battle raps” but battle dance. At first upon entering the show we didn’t understand what was going on. The fancy hat tricks and arm twirling was cool, but there was a feeling of awkwardness as if we were in a room full of people speaking another language. That’s because they were. The dancers become vessels and translate the beats to dance moves and expressions which enables them to battle against one another. It’s a very in depth culture and a very impressive art form nontheless. To top it all off BFL is a highly drama based league with excellent commentary such as the likes of the wwe or boxing. You can view the photo recap of our experience at BFL30 NYC after the jump.

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