August Roundup
As August comes to and end and the last days of summer approach, we return with another monthly roundup of underrated music and you may have missed this month. Click below to see our roundup on music that deserved more attention than it received this August.

While compiling this list for the second month in a row (check out June and July), we realized how much good music is actually released in month. It is almost impossible to listen to everything and it’s even more likely for certain gems to go unnoticed. It also doesn’t get any easier when one rapper’s verse can spark numerous responses from everyone associated with Hip Hop.

While one rapper claimed the throne of both the East and West Coast, these rappers below were putting on for their city. Check the list below and feel free leave comments on anything we might have missed.


Abgohard Cerulean City (ハナダシティ Hanada City)
Bones (TeamSesh) – SCUMBAG
ChynnaChinois EP
Chrissy Vasquez – Pro$per Proficient
Declan?The Store Run EP
HBK Gang – Gang Forever
January Elh – ROSE
Jaymes Young
Dark Star
When I Tried to Write for Cudi
Key Nyata
The Shadowed Diamond
Nick James
Blue Skies
Nik SB
Reparations EP
Manic Focus
Distant Perspective
She Got Game
Honest Cowboy
The Underachievers
The Lords Of Flatbush
theOGM – 
SummerChristmas EP
Slime Flu 4
YC the Cynic