Anchorfest 2016


Ah, the summer is looking pretty epic as we pick up right where we left off in our country tour of the underground scenes. Anchor Fest is back with a vengeance next month featuring rising stars such as Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, JK The Reaper, and our homie Micah Williams. You might wanna cop these tickets before the Frederick Fairgrounds are capped. Don’t say we didn’t tell you.

On July 9th, the masterminds behind Anchor Fest ’16 will be holding it down at Frederick, MD while kicking the decibels of turnt much higher. They stay true to diversifying the line up by touching various genres such as indie rock, hip-hop, electric-soul and more. The most important aspect that we’re excited about are the crowds that these sets will attract. Erick, a member of our street team, was thankful enough to have witnessed the energy at 301 Anchor Fest.


An Open Letter from Marc Enongene, organizer of Anchor Fest 2016

“This years Anchorfest will be very special because it’s going to be nothing like this city’s ever seen before. After the success of how the event went last year we decided to go big and really make an attempt at pushing culture here in Frederick. This years installment is a lot more diverse than last, as far as sounds go. That was something I really wanted to stress this time around. We’ve got arguably the hottest new hip hop artist in Lil Uzi Vert along with Playboicarti. More to Monroe is coming back and they’ve been having an amazing year so far. Butch Dawson and Joy Postell out of Baltimore are coming in and bringing their own styles to the show. Jk The Reaper is going to have everyone in there moshing! It’s gonna be crazy.

Anchorfest was actually inspired by a music video I and Micah Williams were working on, which never came out. We were working on the treatment and Micah said “hey I wanna be on stage performing for this scene” so we decided to throw a real show instead of staging one.. And the rest is history.

I definitely want to give a shout out to the Marconi guys because this years show wouldn’t be possible without them. They really want to see the scene brought to life here just as bad as I do. For people who want to know who’s doing the artwork, the art direction is all done by Sanjeev Das with credit to Josh Brizuela for making the graphic for the flyer.”