Yoh The Shaolin & The Nameless Vagrant

Yoh The Shaolin & The Nameless Vagrant Photo Cred: Aziz Ramos

It’s not surprising that the 99Sublime chose this past Valentine’s weekend to unload two distinctively different,yet enthralling projects. I mean they’ve been spreading love since their cyphers in the woods and I’m sure they’ll be doing the same at our upcoming Museache showcase at The BackRoom.

Pzndrt – Lonely Monsters

“A guided meditation that borrows from Hip-Hop and Japanese culture.”

This meditative music, but in the sense of falling into a hum drum drone for 30 minutes straight. Lonely Monsters is ever changing like the mind and serves as emotional journey through the human condition. Each new song/volume functioning as an introduction to various Japanese yõkai spirits. With each track covering so much depth and deeper motifs of life, a smaller narrative also accompanies the project in the form of a digital booklet. Pzndrt serves as a moniker for 99Sublime’s The Nameless Vagrant.

My highlights: Umizato, Yosuzume, Yamabiko

Yoh the Shaolin – Tales Over Tea

One of the first things you notice once Yoh the Shaolin steps to the record, is his unique delivery and wordplay; it’s somewhere between spoken word and jazz syncopation. This is most apparent on “Astral Sex”, when we have Yoh spells a tale of out-of-body pleasure with Jak Lizard aiding on the chorus. Honestly, the title of the project couldn’t be any more reliable; I indulged in a cup of Jasmine tea as the tales of Yoh vibrated through my headphones.

My Hightlights: Astral Sex, Sake, Foreign Fruits