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Museache Presents: An Interview with HD (Watch)

October 20, 2014

I got the opportunity to interview rising Brooklyn rapper HD, back in August, and this was by far my favorite interview of all time. I not only got a chance to ask the HD about his music, but I also got to learn a little bit more about the person behind the mic. We talked about everything from Worldstar, his favorite things from the 90s, to the pressure on making new music. HD has been compared to a few rappers such as Logic and Joey Bada$$, but he is looking to build a lane of his own with sharp wordplay and crisp delivery. Did I mention he’s only 19, so the ceiling for growth is limitless. His newest project TGA should be dropping soon and I know it will be making some noise on the internet, so stay tuned for the drop. In the meantime in between time get acquainted with HD in our interview above and download his last mixtape Stepping Into Tomorrow here.


Jimi X – UNTITLED (Watch)

October 19, 2014

We already got to vibe out with JIMI X on his last EP “Gallery,” and now he’s back with this visual sneak peek for his upcoming EP titled 2AM. From the taste of this track alone, you can tell that Jimi’s next project is going to be nothing short of LIT! That being said, turn your speakers up, take a couple of shots, roll one up, and turn up to “Untitled!” And if you find  yourself getting too antsy in anticipation for the rest of the tape to drop, check out Gallery (EP) here to keep your ears busy.


Dazz Lightburn – “That-A-Way”

October 17, 2014

Dazz Lightburn

It is easy to get lost this world and just follow the norm, but Dazz Lightburn is motivating you to break off and follow your own path. That is easy said than done, but Dazz Lightburn and The Black Sheep are living proof of that. Hailing from Englewood, NJ their sound can be best described as a blend of funk, soul, R&B and Jazz in one package. If that doesn’t stand out in a music world ran by Pop stars and one hit wonders, then I don’t know good music. Take a listen below and see for yourself. Don’t forget it’s your life, take control of it and stop living like the next man. Be you.

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Museache Spotlight: Hadassah – “Lead Balloon” EP

October 16, 2014

The grain in Hadassah‘s voice has wisdom and emotion far beyond her age. Previously I compared Hadassah to the likes of Lauryn Hill, Janelle Monae, and Erykah Badu and I still stand by my comparisons firmly. Her new EP Lead Balloon, is more personal and introspective, as she sings about her insecurities, love, and criticism from the world for being herself. Through it all, Hadassah still shines and she continues to grow into a beautiful artist inside and out. Stream Lead Balloon below.


Mad Satta – “The Makings of You” (Video)

October 16, 2014

I wanted to share with you guys my weekly find, Mad Satta, an eight piece psychedelic neo-soul funk band from Boston/NYC.  To tease you to the band, check out their cover of Curtis Mayfield‘s classic “Makings of You” music video above. There is something very enthralling about live instrumentation such as the bass, saxophone, and trumpet just to name a few. My first time watching this video I got chills two separate times. The first time when the bass guitar starts off the track and when lead vocalists Joanna Teters begins singing. I can only describe her voice as buttery and sultry, but those words can’t even come to describe how versatile it really is. Even better, Mad Satta recently released their debut album Comfort on October 14 which you can check out on Bandcamp here.


Omar Charles – “The Fall”

October 15, 2014

Omar Charles

Omar Charles is a rising Toronto based producer, who has returned to the sounds of producing after a year hiatus.  His first offering is appropriately titled “The Fall”, as a nice nod to his birth season and to the ambient feeling of “falling”. Omar blends together sultry, electronic sounds, and celestial synths to send its listener on a musical voyage. This is what buoyant ecstasy would sound like. Let go of your senses and let the the music take you on a trip.


Yoh the Shaolin Feat ENXVE – “Mason Jars”

October 15, 2014

Yoh the Shaolin

I haven’t listened to any new music in about two weeks, but Yoh the Shaolin “Mason Jars” reminded me as to why I love it so much in the first place. Yoh’s wordplay and delivery are more like a poet performing a piece with a simple piano riff as the backtrack. His verse begins with a question, “If I could drop all my memories on to a memorex would you burn it?”. If his memories were describe in the same manner as his flow, then I would burn that CD in a flash. The track also features frequent collab ENXVE and PLC crafts the jazz inspired instrumental. Take a listen to “Mason Jars” below and see how many metaphors each rapper drops.


E.Nigma – “First Things First”

October 13, 2014


I’ve been waiting for E.Nigma to drop a track off of his Longest Day of the Year EP, after hearing a few exclusive tracks back in August. Finally, he hits us with “First Things First”, a soundtrack for the no-days off grinders. The production is handled by NJ producer Mello Marc; the two have joined forces to put out the NJ to NY collaboration effort. Although, the winter time is slowing rolling in, their EP will rekindle those exuberant feelings of the summer. Take a listen below to get a feel for what I mean.


Khari Ricks’ “#SELFIE#CELFIE#SELFIE” Art Gallery (Event)

October 8, 2014

Khari Ricks

If you’re in the New Jersey/NYC area this Saturday evening (10/11), you should check out Khari Ricks’ solo art gallery. The gallery will be held at the ever so versatile Coffee Cave in Newark, NJ. Khari will be displaying multiple paintings that will tackle the epidemic of Selfies. It will be interesting to see how Khari’s painting style and ideologies tackle society’s most narcissistic habit. Head over to our recent interview/photo gallery with Khari to see some of his most recent work, favorite artists, and how FKA Twigs and Shabazz Palaces influences his paintings. Also be sure to check out the Facebook’s event page for more information and confirm your attendance.


esta.- ” Alina Baraz-Art Of Persuasion (Remix)”

October 6, 2014


Is it PATHOS or LOGOS that seduces us? Cali producer and DJ, esta. ,seems to case and point with Ohio soulstress,  Alina Baraz , that it’s pathos as he takes her, “Art of Persuasion”/“Make You Feel” indie-R&B jams and adds a hip hop clash to it’s root argument ,” I can make you feel alright”.  Definitely dance-able and provides some EDM chops towards the end. Funny enough, the beat of Baraz’s, “Art of Persuasion” version which was produced by XXYXX , is also fed pathos in another version by TDE and Chi-town urbanites , SZA & Chance the Rapper, on their song titled, “Childs Play”.

As I 2step to esta.’s and play back all of the other versions, I can’t help but truly start to feel alright. What is it about feeling emotion that presses play; is it the love for emotion itself or rather the emotion for love?

Feel alright below:


Soquelle – “Blue Neon”

October 2, 2014


Similar to “Tense”, Soquelle’s second single “Blue Neon creates a soundscape that draws you in completely. The ambiance of the track is very lounge-jazz-esque, the perfect music for winding down after a long day or soundtrack to start your mornings on the right foot. Anastasia Gera vocals are absolutely beautiful and the music her and Mark Shvartsman makes reminds me a lot of Sade. I didn’t know people still made timeless music like this. I love the vibes and the message Soquelle is sending with each new release so let their sounds soothe your ears and after you hit play.

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Poetic WordPlay- “Dear Summer (Mixtape)”

September 29, 2014

Dear Summer Cover

Hook lines like, “The time is passing. Theirs no time for bragging. And that’s word “, lyrically inks the love Queens rapper, Poetic WordPlay, senses for the urban adversities we tap into on his new mixtape Dear Summer. Meeting WordPlay for the first time alongside Maryland rapper/producer, Mix3d, reminded me that true hip hop is just a letter away. WordPlay’s style hints Hova’ influence with a story more modern; he lyrically reads his 13 pages to summer, something like a past pass, hinting that future will take hold and shine brighter than ever before. Support the elegance and urbanest of this tape by heading to WordPlay’s site or by streaming it below via Soundcloud.

Album/EP/Mixtape, Audio

Museache Mondays: Terra Kati – “Earth Music”

September 29, 2014

Terra Kati

This world is very small and even smaller in the music realm. I remember meeting Terra Kati back in August when I was covering The Brooklyn Renaissance festival, 5 weeks later I stumble onto her debut project Earth Music. The production on the project is very spacey and experimental and initially I questioned why the project wasn’t called Celestial Music. Then it hit me when I heard Terra’s vocals weaving in and out of the empty spaces in the track that her voices was the reason this was truly Earth Music. For her debut project I am satisfied, but I must admit I would love to hear of her voice. Feel free to check out “Earth Music” below and listen my to favorite track “Sunbathing on The Moon”.

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Museache Presents: The Art of Khari

September 29, 2014

Since we started Museache, it has become more clear how different art fields aren’t as separate as you think they are. More artists are being inspired by things outside of the realm that they exist in artistically. In this case, painter and visual artist, Khari pulls inspiration from music, anime, and a few respected creatives. It has been a minute since I’ve covered an artist with Khari’s skill set, so learn a little about him in short our interview/gallery below.

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