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Fresh Beats and New Grooves from Thelonious Martin “DC2”

November 19, 2015

One of our favorite producers here at Museache, Thelonious Martin recently released a 20-track mixtape entitled DC2 (Dusty Cartridges 2). The project is full of the smooth and eclectic vibey sounds that we have grown to love from the garden state’s original producer. Now everywhere around the country with his beats in tow, King Thelonious pays homage with features from The Home Team, artists he has been building with since his days back in New Jersey. Topaz Jones, Saint Ro$$, D-Dand and MoRuf along with a handful of other notable features lace the project with their verses.

What we love about Thelonious is that he cultivates the artists he creates with. Each time he links with an artist, he brings the best out of them, and continues to do it with future collaborations. The songs they make together keep getting better as both the producer and artist grow together. We’re still listening to his album,Wünderkid, and you can see for yourself what I mean if you want to. This project is far more than just a beat tape, which you can always expect from the King. Give it a spin below and make sure to share it with your people.


Personal Highlights: Track 2 [Flamingo], Track 8 [Miami Nights], Track 11 [20 Walk In Closets], Track 18 [0-100 RMX, definitely didn’t see that coming]

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Sunny Gang Releases Gnarly Video for “Godzilla”

November 13, 2015


Another one of our favorite Jersey Punk acts, Sunny Gang jusssst dropped this new music video for “Godzilla” via Punktastic and let us be the first (well, technically second) to tell you, this joint rocks.

“Godzilla takes a few steps away from the usual Sunny Gang party-anthem formula,” they explain. “It’s basically a culmination of all our inner frustrations as we witness the constant dead-end battles between social, political and ethnic divisions.”

It’s dope to see the guys take a more serious stance in their music, and their high-speed, adrenaline fueled instrumentals add a real punch to the message being sent. This, paired with the fast moving images of historical events and violent moments throughout humanity creates for a Kubrick-like subliminal messaging system in this video. Much love to the directors and editor!


Lilly Black Wishes You To “Hear My Love”

November 5, 2015


Listen to the single “Hear My Love” from Lilly Black‘s debut project, Year of the Lilly. The Garden State’s Lilly Black 7 song set is a hypnotizing peek into the year of 2015 through the eyes, ears, and soul of a young, talented, sistar flower. “Year of the Lilly” is a soliloquy of sorts about the growth of a heart-torn and independent woman, dealing with existentialist thoughts and plaguing “what-if’s” of being in your early 20’s. It features two verses from Dre Doso and Alvie The Skywalker. This is definitely something I can’t wait to see live.


Sunny Gang Get Rowdy on “Soap Scum”

October 26, 2015


The last time I was way too drunk, I blacked out and woke the next day without my cellphone and half of dignity. But those were dark days in my life, I can look back on fondly as I listen to Sunny Gang’s “Soap Scum”. It’s the hardcore punk JerseyPunk song you need to get your blood pumping again. Just be careful not to hit anyone or spontaneously start crowd surfing in public after you press play. “You’re not that drunk!”

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Tuned In To Kohai’s “Adult Swim Vol.2”

October 6, 2015


I was put on to the dude KoHai the Wonderguy by my other dude Bacchus, from our favorite punk rap group Sunny Gang when the trippy ass music video for [The] Anti-Hero [of Time] came out a couple weeks ago. I’m a huge fan of weird psychedelic animated VHS style video art, so I was automatically hooked. Much love to Cameron Knight Barwick, owner of Psyched Co. & director and editor of the video, you mad genius you. Someone finally provided a video worth my time watching.

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