I Got Lost in the Calm Within the Storm

February 4, 2016

tracks_feature_imageA rainy day editing some photos with Soundcloud streaming in the background turned into a zen like rabbit hole of creativity and music indulgence. I originally started by skipping through songs on Soundcloud until I came across Drea Smith and her captivating vocals. Continue Reading…

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Subcultures: Redefining Newark’s Stigma

February 2, 2016
NJ Skater Keith Hynes carves around the bowl corner at Shorty's DIY. Shot By: Tom Denton

NJ Skater Keith Hynes carves around the bowl corner at Shorty’s DIY.
Shot By: Tom Denton

Skateboards clatter and beat against the smooth ledges that border Washington Park in Newark. The frigid January breeze can’t stop the hours these skaters put into perfecting their tricks. Their tattered shoes and bruised heels show the pure dedication that’s alive in, every Newark skateboarder. Meanwhile across the street, Rutgers business students quickly rush to their classes to study for their upcoming exams. As the day winds down, skaters, college students and artists seek refuge in the Downtown Newark Arts District.  Continue Reading…


ScienZe Makes a Great First Impression on Georgia Tape

January 28, 2016

It’s true about what they say for first impressions. Dope League and seasoned rapper, ScienZe, is a pro at making a great first impression and it’s even more obvious once you listen to the opening track on his Georgia Tape album. Immediately you are greeted with a roar of applause that gives way to a saxophone medley that is overlay-ed with a curious fan wondering, why would a Brooklyn rapper name their project after Georgia. After a couple of questions, ScienZe steps to the mic and reminds us why a great first impression goes a long. Continue Reading…

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The “Present” That Keeps on Giving from Ezrakh

January 27, 2016

I’m still over here relishing in the last complete project from one of my favorite producers/song makers from Jersey, the Thread Collective’s Ezrakh. Present,” is a collection of songs he released on his birthday in December as a gift to his listeners and serves as a healing listening experience.

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Safe N’ Sound Add Modern Spice to Some R&B Classics

January 27, 2016

The last time these two artists got some luv from Museache, I was about to break out into the harlem shake. Now Ambi Lyrics and L.A. VanGogh are back as experimental duo Safe N’ Sound. Their first release from their upcoming project, flipped BlackStreet’s “Don’t Leave Me” into a dance friendly record while still maintaining the grain of that untouchable 90’s R&B sound. They followed a similar formula on Carl Thomas’ “I Wish” and now I can’t grooving to old D’Angelo and Musiq SoulChild (I’m a sucker for old R&B). I can’t wait to see what classics Safe N’ Sound twist on their upcoming On The Safe Side compilation.  Continue Reading…


Dive into Jak Lizard & Krakaur’s Connector EP

January 26, 2016

There was no better way for Connector to start; my headphones felt like they were channeling beatific frequencies as Jak Lizard’s vocals reverberated into my ear canals. There must of be a heightened creative bond between, the EP’s sole producer, Krakaur and Jak because the production intensified Jak’s playful bluesy vocals with each song. Whether it was the Continue Reading…


VHS on a comeback in Connor Donovan’s “Floating”

January 25, 2016

Snow Storm Jonas was the perfect time to settle into a creative zone and hibernate over the weekend. It also a better time to catch up on what my favorite creatives were up to. The first stop was from Dojo Records’ Connor Donovan‘s lighthearted music video. The retro VHS format is reminiscent of his fellow Massachusetts creative M∆L and her Enough Apologies video. It seems like VHS styled videos are the next thing to get revived as the digital world makes it easier to work with. I ain’t mad though.