Museache Premeire: Live Jam Performance/Party

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Shortly after our last event, we will be hosting yet another powerhouse event! The live jam performance/party will feature our newly formed band led by Leo Syris and they will be performing live renditions of his latest project Crash Course and the joint EP Magnolia with Jours Chrulie (me). Along with the main performance the mic will be open to any artists who attend. Check out the story of our recent band practice here!

*Hit us up if you’re looking to perform!*

Apollo Mighty – “Darkside of the Moon x Sunrise” (Watch)

One of my favorite tracks from R&B singer Apollo Mighty‘s strong EP, VI, finally gets the visual treatment. The two-track video also serves as Apollo’s first music video. The music video begins with the track “Dark Side of the Moon” and then blends into the “Sunrise” which will be featured on Apollo’s IX EP dropping sometime in August. The two songs work together to craft a story of heartbreak and the process of coping and seeing the light in all the pain. If you haven’t already download Apollo Might’s VI EP here as his next EP is set to drop soon.

Matt McGhee – EPISODES



Matt McGhee has been releasing some FIRE as of late in which he just put out “Dark”. Under the horizon, he has premiered three vividly rhymed “episodes” in the compilation titled, “Show”. Hopefully this leads to something incredible from the Grammy Family. Anyways, stay tuned with his recent tracks here!

Kehlani – “Get Away” (Listen)


Kehlani, 19-year-old singer from the Bay Area, releases a sexy track that I’m sure female fans will love. Kehlani was originally the lead singer for the band Poplyfe, who made it all the way to the finals on America’s Got Talent season 6. After leaving the band, the young songstress has gained a lot attention. She bares her soul on most tracks and her voice has a lot of personal emotion behind it. It isn’t hard to see on her new song “Get Away”, which begins with 90′s R&B classic “So Anxious”, but then flips into something completely original. After listening to “Get Away” check out my favorite track from Kehlani’s soundcloud “FWU” on the bonus track.


Spazz x Reelo – “Murder”

Spazz x Reelo

On my late night Soundcloud surfing and I came across another bumping track from the dynamic duo Spazz and Reelo or A.S.A (Always Something Awesome). The two young Chicago rappers seem to be finding their voice and slowly coming into their own. Their last few releases have been really good and it shows that the two are growing as rappers and individuals. “Murder” is produced by Danny Jamz, who helps give the Spazz and Reelo the room to spit some of the best bars I heard from them since their “New Places” track from earlier this year. Give it a listen below and keep an eye out for these A.S.A. The Chi doesn’t seem like it will run out of talent any time soon.

The Theorist Feat. NUEU & Aldo – “Runaway”

The Theorist

Although “Runaway” is technically The Theorist‘s song, Toronto singer Nueu is the one who truly shines on “Runaway”. The Theorist is a pianist who began with doing a lot of piano covers of popular songs and has began to move into the producing side of music. On “Runaway”, Nueu sings over a spacey, R&B beat produced by Aldo from NYC. The track has Jhene Aiko written all over it. In fact, the song seems to have been conceived from Jhene’s song “2 Seconds” with Nueu using “Runaway, get away, find a new love..” lyrics. I can’t find any info on the Nueu, but I hope to get some more material from her soon, in the mean time listen to “Runaway” below.

Mick Jenkins – “Lazarus” + The Water[s] Mixtape Tracklisting

Mick Jenkins

It’s great to see Chicago MC Mick Jenkins getting that well deserved recognition as his long-awaited The Water[s] mixtape nears. He signed a deal with Cinematic Music Group and to celebrate he dropped a freebie, “Lazarus”. It’s a shame I heard this verse a while back as a “freestyle” when Complex interviewed him in the Chi. It’s still not a problem because this verse sounds better over the Chuck Strangers serene beat. In addition to “Lazarus”, Mick Jenkins gives his fans a look at the tracklisting for his upcoming The Water[s] mixtape, which includes NoName Gypsy, THEMpeople, DJ Dahi, Dream Koala, Statik Selektah, and OnGaud just to name a few. Check out the full tracklisting below.


Chillee ft. Lil’ D & Quise – “Who You Foolin”


Chicago has their drill music and New York has everything, but somewhere between New Jersey is trying to find their foot into the music scene. Chillee (aka Chillee Beats) has taken that hard knocking trap beat equipped to blow out your car stereos and brought the Chicago militant style to NJ on his new track “Who You Foolin”. The track features Newark rappers Quise and Lil’ D who are also apart of The Higher Ups collective. “Who You Foolin” is self-produced by Chillee, who is on his “3 beats a day for the summer” grind. Keep an eye out for more material from The Higher Ups and in the mean time turn your base up and bump this below.

Peter $un – “Casimiro” (Listen)

Peter $un

I’m not sure if this is leftovers from Peter $un‘s Don Heru mixtape, that dropped earlier in the year or if he is back in mixtape mode, but I like “Casimiro” a lot. This track is everything that initially attracted me to Peter $un’s music back in early January; the Chance the Rapper/Goldlink sing rap flow over a memorable beat. “Casimiro” reminds me a lot of my favorite tracks from Don Heru, which you should check out if you haven’t already here. Shouts out to the producer Edo Lee, who seemlessly blended Peggy Lee’s Black Coffee over a Jazz infused beat, where her voice is at home. Listen to Peter $un’s new track “Casimiro” below.

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Social Media

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HO99O9 – Bone Collector (official video)

theOGM and Eaddy of HO99O9 (NJ Based hip hop group) release their first video single for their upcoming project. I don’t know what it’s called yet but we’ll wait and see. I’m loving their style in which they really embody the punk and gothic wave quite well. Oh, if you’re in NY tomorrow be sure to check them out here. They’d probably rock a killer show alongside other great artists like Denitia, Sene, SZA, Cakes da Killa, and more!

New ZephLand – Find


It’s been almost most a year since I’ve heard new material from New Zephland, but the wait was certainly worth it with a new track and video. His new release “Find” is something of a cinematic build up, with the production escalating into New ZephLand singing about a love set a blaze. His soundcloud describes the song as “roller coaster art music”, which is spot on as it takes you on ride of emotions. New ZephLand also let’s go of the visuals to go with the song which you can watch below as well. I’m getting the feeling that New ZephLand got burned in his last relationship based on the pyromania in his video. Listen and watch “Find” below.

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ill Phil – “Neo SteeZ Pt. 3: Summer Nights” (EP)

ill Phil

Back in June we got to hear what ill Phil had to offer on his third installment of his Neo Steez series. Now we get to hear the entire self-produced project from the producer/rapper. Neo SteeZ Pt. 3: Summer Nights is filled with soul trap beats, which is a more R&B melodic take on the use of the 808 drum kits. I really enjoyed this project from start to finish, but if I had to pick a favorite song from the EP it would be “Chronicles”; it showcases ill Phil’s strength in production and his lyrical abilities as well. Brooklyn multi-talented rapper Epic B also handles the cover art on this one. Like the title of the EP says you should give this one a play during your summer nights. Stream Neo SteeZ Pt. 3: Summer Nights below.

Wara From The NBHD – “Beige” (Watch)

Rising ATL rapper Wara From The NBHD has something special in his new video “Beige”. Even before the self-produced beat dropped, I knew it would be flame with the Jay-Z sample. The video follows Wara and his coworkers after they get off of their boring 9-5. The trio have fun balling in the park and even getting into a water gun fight. Watch “Beige” above and catch some of the good vibes. Keep an eye out for Wara’s forthcoming album Kidnapped.

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