Museache Premiere: Hanz “Grey Matter”

May 20, 2016


You know whenever we’re on a hiatus, it’s usually for a good cause and I was simply marauding more dope content for all your hungry eyes and ears. The first gem comes from Hanz debut project Grey Matter. Sonically, you’re in for a ride with textures that cross hip-hop, rock, and punk influences; all this stems from Hanz genre fluidity as a youth. All this can be attributed to the in-house production and years of creative direction from the LVN Art collective. Grey Matter thematically dissects the plights of materialism, addiction, and power hungriness all while using the foundation of a menacing soundscape to paint a complete picture.  Continue Reading…

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Discovering Style with Zunyda Watson

April 27, 2016

The 22-year-old designer from all over New Jersey, Zunyda Watson let us into her studio for a little deeper insight of her world as it relates to fashion today. Her latest SS16 line, as featured throughout the article, caught my eye and intrigued me into finding more about the artist behind it.


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Welcome to the DMV: Metallic Keem

April 26, 2016
Metallic Keem

Photos taken by Erick Gowins

It’s very entrancing when you find an artist like Metallic Keem who wants to put positive music in the world along with a narrative that listeners can relate to. Keem is an American rapper, born in Elizabeth, NJ, but he now resides in Richmond Virginia. He is on a road to becoming a
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Spec Kay – Burn

April 25, 2016

Spec Kay

Allow me to put you guys onto New Jersey rapper Spec Kay and his newest release “Burn”. Immediately, Spec pulls you into his world with the intro instrumental build up until gently  steps over a guitar rift with some determination. “Burn” drives home a very deep message in creating something tangible when it appeared as though you had nothing.  On describing “Burn” Spec says, “The song captures the energy of ones ambition. As long as you have good energy around you they can try to crucify you, but it should stop you“. It exactly this same passion that can’t be ignore on the first few bars and throughout the song.

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DUVV x Kidoh Find Balance on Ride

March 30, 2016

Photo by Dondre Green

I was recently put on to the NYC singer DUVV and I’ve been bumping her Through No Fault of Your Own EP for the past few days. What originally caught my eye and my ears was seeing that DUVV spent some time in Seoul, South Korea working with producer Kidoh. At the end of trip and creative sessions, the interwebs was blessed with “Ride” a hypnotizing collaboration with DUVV’ astral vocal and Kidoh switching back forth being Korean and English on his verse. If you vibing with this, I high recommend checking out Through No Fault of Your Own. Sadly, as I was writing this post, her EP was taken down from Soundcloud but you can still stream it here.


Hadassah Takes Us Down Oakmere Drive

March 26, 2016


Last time we updated you on Hadassah was back on our best albums of 2014 list. A lot has happened since then, culminating with Hadassah losing her mother to cancer a year ago. Hadassah has since turned her lost and emotions into inspiration and deep introspective art. Oakmere Drive is the street she grew up on and serves as a metaphorical road to some of her best work. Some of my favorite tracks off the album include “Real”, “Ocean”, and “God’s Bathroom Floor”, which gives me those Atmosphere vibes. Take a listen below and I think you should also complement this project with the jazzy EP, Lead Balloon.

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The Best Music I’ve Heard in the Barbershop

March 17, 2016


Sometimes I find music in the strangest places, like in the middle of a thunderstorm and sometimes music finds me in the strangest places. A few weeks ago, I was in the barbershop for a little over 3 hours waiting to get my hair faded, when suddenly my ears perk up. At first I thought it was simply the voice of a young Micheal Jackson making the magic, until I heard the funky hip hop tempo underneath his tender vocals. About 12 minutes deep into this mix, I’m fighting the urge to bob my head because one sudden jerk and my barber is turning my flattop into a mohawk. In between the clippers buzzing in my ear, the barbershop DJ says “[Lord] Finesse’s crate digging skills are godly”. Once I finally dug up the full “Abstrakt Cratery” on Mixcloud a few days later, I couldn’t agree more. See for yourself Lord Finesse‘s golden touch for blending music below.