“FOSHO” – Mello Mel

May 1, 2015

fosho front


This long awaited soundtrack from Jersey’s own producer Mello Mel is finally available for digital purchase and streaming. “FOSHO” is a true sonic experience that takes you on a journey through different genres and emotions, polished as one smooth ensemble of vibrations that make you think, feel, and most importantly, dance. This is definitely a piece of work that you can stream from front to back. It is a step away from his previous bodies of work, but it is nonetheless a strong invitation from the producer to enter his field of sonic thought as he progresses on his journey as an artist.

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New ZephLand – Medium (Prod. .Space Flo)

April 29, 2015

New Zephland

One of the worse things an artist can do is limit themselves to one particular thing. In case of musicians, the worse thing they can do is limiting the sounds and the fear of experimenting with sounds. New ZephLand, holds no fears and has always had the ability to change his sound to fit the messages he’s trying to convey. “Medium” is a lo-fi distorted, bravado track produced by .Space Flo. “If Pusha-T did a spoken word at your local poetry event, it would probably sound something like this.” This track is 1/3 of Mezza Vice and you can also peep the visuals for the Zeph’s “Medium” visual as well.

Artwork, Video

FatBlood’s Visuals Steal the Show Every. Time.

April 27, 2015


I haven’t been to many music showcases where the visual art is synchronized with the sounds being played, but this is where Fatblood and the rest of the homies over at Freq Show exceed and stand out. When I walked into the one Freq Show event at the Life Lab a lil while back, I remember seeing the overlapping projection screens and thinking: Oh boy. I’m in for the total body experience now. And that was true. So I’m glad to see that in the most recent live Freq Show, that these artists haven’t let up giving us the dopest full sensory experience in Jersey, and thats Fo’sho word to Mello.

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Stream OSHUN’s debut mixtape “ASASE YAA”

April 22, 2015

Oshun via Complex

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to see Oshun, backed by a live band, perform at Slackgaze Zine release. The two seemed like seasoned performers, commanding the audience’s attention and cameras. Up until that point the two had only released AFAHYE, a 4 track EP and free loosies here and there. Fast forward to Earth Day, the neo-soul duo has finally released their debut mixtape Asase Yaa, a West African term for Mother Earth.

“We particularly wanted to focus on the concept of the woman as Earth, especially the symbol of the black woman as Mother Earth. We wanted to uplift her and discuss what it is to be a black woman in America.” – Excerpt from their interview with Complex.

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Ava Luna – “Steve Polyester” Video

April 22, 2015

I have to admit this is my first encounter with New York based Ava Luna, but you know what they say about first impressions. Ava Luna sound can be described as a mash-up of girl group harmonies, synth-funk, and avant-garde jazz; most of all they are unpredictable with each member of the band taking leads directing songs. “Steve Polyester” is the structure-less spoken word tale by Becca Kauffman, that strives to define the mystique that is Steve Polyester. The fleeting lined animations from Angela Stempel, brings the tale to life in humorous yet introspective fashion (I might be still rewatching the video as you read this). The song above can found on Ava Luna’s recently released album, Infinite House here.



April 22, 2015

“Showing the marriage of his process through my eye as a director mixed with my ear as a composer and sound designer is the main scope of the project. As an artist myself, the smallest things trigger these ideas and sounds in my head. Working with Hugo and the layers in his studio really heightened this sense of sound and visual art.” – Melo-X

I’ve always been minor fan of film, so when I stumbled on to Melo-X‘s “McCloud in Process” short film, I was completely enamored. The snippet above is Melo-X describing what is like to work with contemporary artist Hugo McCloud. Hugo, is a self-taught industrial designer, who creates masterful pieces utilizing blowtorches, metal sheets with inspiration from raw and decaying urban landscapes. Melo collaboratively directed the film with Sean Kelly Gallery, but also took the opportunity to score it with a few previews from his forthcoming CURATE EP.


Maryland’s Inaugural 301 Anchor Fest

April 21, 2015


Museache is taking a lil tour of its own as we visit incredible shows held at artistic gold mines such as Frederick, Maryland. Other areas like Baltimore, Richmond, and Washington DC seem to be jam packed with progressive individuals in their respective creative pools. The music is always dope and we figured “why not check out an event over there and see how the DMV gets down?” So Erick, member of the media street team, decided to scope the scene held at the Frederick Bandshell in Baker Park.

“For a moment imagine a Suburban Area and a nice park where dogs are being walked, tennis games are going on, and all the family activities you can think of. Now stop imagining, because that is not 301 Anchor Fest.” – Erick

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