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Colors, Patterns, & Honesty with Dondre Green

June 21, 2016


When I am not curating Museache playlists, I am usually dibbling and dabbling in the visual world. As such, I’ve grown very fond of multiple rising visual architects in the last few years. I’ve handpicked and uniquely interviewed each of my favorite photographers and multimedia artists, who are blurring the borders between creative mediums. For my first interview, I reached out to Bronx native and professional photographer Dondre Green. Right of the bat, I was captivated by Dondre’s distinctive eye for composition and his playful marriage between colorful backgrounds, patterns, and his subject’s personality. That might be a lot to visualize all at once, so let’s just jump into the full spread.

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JSMN Hypnotized NYC with His Intimate Performance

June 14, 2016

JMSN, Rutgers 2015. Photo by Colin Pieters

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I was fortunate enough to see JMSN at Le Poisson Rouge, one of the most intimate venues in NYC. I managed to snag tickets for about $18; a steal when you factor in the amount of talent and energy JMSN brought to the stage. I’ve been a fan since he was flexing with the long Jesus hair and using the falsetto chords to croon out his lost love for †Priscilla†. Since then he’s released two major projects in JMSN (Blue Album) and most recently It Is.  Being more fortunate, I also caught JMSN on tour of Blue Album at Rutgers late in 2015. That show was great, but I was a little disappointed because his smooth R&B energy was in conflict with the raging Vic Mensa, who was the main act. But something felt right this time around. 

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Museache Spotlight: Laura Misch – Shaped By Who We Knew [EP]

June 13, 2016


Laura Misch

I can’t stop listening to Shaped By Who We Knew by sultry singer Laura Misch. Maybe it’s because of  all the jazz I’ve been listening to lately or because I’m still in love with vocalists from London. Either way, the EP is pretty amazing right from the start with opening track “Daylight” latching on to you. It sets the tone with slick guitars, some sexy saxophone work from Laura herself, and fine drumming for her soft vocals. I reached out to Laura to get some more info and she opened up about the process of making her first EP. Let’s jump into the session.

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Anchorfest 2016

June 9, 2016


Ah, the summer is looking pretty epic as we pick up right where we left off in our country tour of the underground scenes. Anchor Fest is back with a vengeance next month featuring rising stars such as Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, JK The Reaper, and our homie Micah Williams. You might wanna cop these tickets before the Frederick Fairgrounds are capped. Don’t say we didn’t tell you.

See You There.


Soundcloud Crate Digging (Playlist)

June 9, 2016

Finding music. Finding enticing music that breaks free from the norm is probably one of the hardest things I love to do. Sometimes there are moments where I get so lost searching that I lose hours upon hours metaphorically digging through Internet crates. Unfortunately, that archaic process has taken a toll on my endurance and other creative outlets. Being a challenge seeker, I decided it was time for a change of pace. Instead of having an unlimited amount of time to find music, I self-imposed a 1 hour limit of Soundcloud surfing in efforts to find the best gems. Restrictions breed creativity. Enough about the process and let’s just listen to the music.

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Album/EP/Mixtape, Audio

Jon Bap Re-releases “Let It Happen”

June 3, 2016

Self painted portrait. Such a G

All praise Yahweh. Jon Bap has re-released one of the best pieces of work in the last 2 years. Don’t believe me? Cool, it’s your loss. If you’re open to spice up your playlist then take a chance and bump this sh!t.

C’mon bruh. Stream/Download


Premiere: Time Spent Tackles A Nation With Their New Track, 1%

May 31, 2016

This past weekend, 4 piece NJ/NY Hardcore outfit, Time Spent released the first track off their forthcoming EP, Answer to None. The standout track 1%, aggressively comments on the greed and corruption that plague America. The song begins by setting a standard with a powerful sample taken from the 1976 film, Network. The sample lays out the idea of how the world is nothing but a business whose existence is solely dictated by the almighty dollar. Vocalist, Chris Deo makes it clear with the help of Concrete’s vocalist, Lenny Fletcher, that the only way for us to live in an ideal world is to take back what is rightfully ours. Deo and Fletcher show their disdain for the whole political sphere throughout the track. Democrats and Republicans are not looking for what’s best for the country. No matter what the candidates portray, they are only interested in pushing their own agenda while they divide the people. Time Spent takes it upon themselves to put an end to this facade.

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