Favorite Songs from July (Playlist)

July 31, 2015
Image via Native Folk Soundcloud

Image via Native Folk Soundcloud

July was an up and down month to say the least. It was highlighted by Fourth of July weekend, Freq It Out At The Life Laband the boring Drake and Meek Mill beef. Plus we still haven’t gotten an album from Frank Ocean. But it doesn’t matter because I’ve curated my favorite songs from July into one interesting playlist. I recommend playing the whole playlist through to catch some rare gems or you can skip around for taste of songs from July. Feel free to send me any tracks that I missed.

Hold on it’s the last day of July already, bruh where did the summer go? 

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Chynna drops “I’m Not Here. This Isn’t Happening”

July 29, 2015


I was crying inside when I thought Chynna‘s new project got deleted from existence two weeks ago. Thankfully it didn’t because “I’m Not Here. This Isn’t Happening.” is one of the hardest project I’ve heard this summer. It’s a gritty and honest project. It’s enough trap for those riding around all summer with their speakers on blow; enough lyrics and storytelling to lock in Chynna as femcee to keep an eye on. Stream below Continue Reading…


Micah Williams – “Wild Youth”

July 22, 2015
Micah Williams

Photograph by Joe Droneburgh aka @IMACHILLDOOD


It seems like just last week I was hanging out with Micah Williams in Time Square and Central Park with his awesome compadres on his road trip to our SlackFest showcase, and now he offers us “Wild Youth”.  The track was premiered yesterday by New Sick Music and it will be featured on his forthcoming Hike EP. The production from Andre Ossit & Jo FLX’N creates a soundscape meant for the climactic scene in an ominous movie, where one of character is running through the woods at night, trying to escape their darkest fears. Micah rightfully continues this mood with lyrics that touch on succumbing to fears, drugs abuse, and all the wild things in this crazy world that we’re living in.


Daniel March – Future Shock

July 15, 2015



Music has this uncanny way of crossing borders or cultural lines in order to inspire greatness. The internet has definitely had it’s hand it helping breaking down these barrier and it’s also allowed me, an avid music lover, to digest artists from literally on the other side of the planet. Daniel March, an Australian singer has been remastering his sound after a two year hiatus from releasing music and has caught my eye with “Future Shock” and “Nina“. “Future Shock” has a taste of Michael JacksonMark Ronson, and a little extra flavor. Don’t believe me, just listen (Bruno Mars voice)!


Kush The Great – Damn [Video]

July 13, 2015

We have here the latest visuals from Kush The Great of the DeadRebelSociety. Kush has been low for the past couple months releasing beats and a song here or there, but this is something I’ve been waiting for since I caught word of it. The video is dark and twisted, as any lost romantic situation would be. Lowkey, this almost made me shed a tear, shit too close to home. But I didn’t though, cus I aint even soft, like I dont even miss nobody, real talk bruh.

It also features Kush rocking a hat from his line “Made for DiStraction. The song is off his forthcoming project “Digital Romance”. So without further ado, check the video for “Damn” out below.



Celebrating The Hula Hoopers During Festival Season

July 9, 2015

This latest video from Brenmar’s debut EP “Award,”  featuring the Jersey Club Kween Uniiqu3 celebrates one key aspect of the beloved music festival season that hardly gets enough love and respect: the hula hoopers. Hula-Hoop dancers make their appearance at any legitimate dance festival, infusing their dance with the childhood favorite toy for an exciting aesthetic. The video features Guinness World Record hula hooper Marawa The Amazingdancer Kaneesha, and another Jersey artist/dancer, Blue the Creep. The video for “Hula Hoop”, directed by Lil Internet, is as stylish and post modern as you would expect from him, Brenmar, and the Kween of all things glittery, Uniiqu3.

via Nylon


Freq It Out At The Life Lab

July 9, 2015

Watch as Freq Show resident artists Mr. Arcade, Mello Mel, Krak!, and Nucent$ get the crowd moving in our recap video, featuring a mix of live sounds from the night. I teamed up once again with filmmaker Scotty-Tate for a visual representation of what to expect when the Frequency Show comes to your city, and of course, we had to let the Freq Show’s creative director, Fatblood add a final touch. Many thanks also to Jen Santiago for coming through to hold us down with some extra angles on the camera.

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