Soquelle – “There is No Tomorrow”

January 26, 2015


With winter storm Juno passing through the northeast, seems only right to get warm and cozy to new Soquelle. The chill, downtempo, jazzy “There Is No Tomorrow” offers the perfect backdrop to a calm Monday night. This is the duo’s, Anastasia Gera & Mark Shvartsman, first single of the year, but it is one step closer to their forthcoming debut release. If you’re feeling “There is No Tomorrow” be sure to check out Soquelle’s previous releases.

Album/EP/Mixtape, Audio

Armani Flow$ – WORLD EP

January 23, 2015

Man, this project has put me in the zone all week. The Texas-based artist brings you into his world spewing introspective verses on some of the most mellow and jazzy beats that sound like they actually may have been dated back in the 90s. The compilation is pretty dense in which certain tracks are rich in multiple meanings such as “Villians” and “Black //” (those tracks always have me coming back). Whether you’re walking in the busy streets to work or straight lampin’ on your couch Armani’s WORLD EP is quite captivating.



New Jersey Fans Shut Down SOB’s

January 21, 2015

Who's Next

It’s no secret that the underground hip-hop scene in Jersey has been growing more by the day. With as much talent as we’ve got in this state, from rappers, to producers, DJs, dancers, poets, just to name a few, it’s about time. Needless to say, it seems that Hot 97 underestimated us when they decided they were going to dedicate their latest “Who’s Next” showcase to some of the hottest Jersey artists and DJs that are making noise right now.

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Museache Spotlight: Keita juma – “Chaos Theory” EP

January 21, 2015

Keita Kuma

Allow me to introduce to Keita Juma, Mississauga, Ontario based rapper. Keita’s Chaos theory opens up literally with a “Gold Mine”, which serves as a small trace of the musical journey you’re about to embark on. Here’s a gem from Keita’s interview with Complex“Chaos Theory was built on the idea that something small can give birth to something huge.” That something small is the influence of dancehall and industrial instrumentation that sparked Chaos Theory. Imagine a more lighthearted Kanye building another project off of Yeezus’ “I’m In it”.  Every placement of a drum and bassline hits you in a place you haven’t been hit before, allowing you be more conscious of the crafted soundscapes.

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FLAMINGOSIS – “Freq Show Mix #2″

January 20, 2015

Now unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you know that New Jersey producers and DJs are nothing to play with. This might even be an understatement when it comes to The Freq Show, Jersey’s own “Progressive Beat Showcase.”

This team of super talented underground producers puts out the sickest tracks and mixes, like the one below which was just released by Freq Show resident artist Flamingosis. Give it a listen. If you like it, you’ll be sure to lose yourself at the next Frequency Show, taking place at The LifeLab on February 7th. Make sure you mark it in your calendars; I’ll see you there.



Elhae – “Halfway Love”

January 19, 2015

The first few moments of a song can make or break if you’re going to invest the next couple of minutes to listen to it. Elhae, pronounced (LA) does that by the 10 second mark with a recognizable chorus slowed to a tantalizing tempo. The rising Atlanta singer and rapper has garnered attention from some of my favorite artists including Sango and after a listen it is easy to understand why. Elhae, which also stands for “Every Life Has An Ending”, has been teetering between the warm zone of R&B and Hip-Hop and has seemed to found his zone on his final release before his forthcoming Aura EP. Rascal has laced Elhae with one hell of beat from start to finish, giving listeners a complete experience with a beautiful saxophone solo to close out the song. Check out his earlier releases on soundcloud.


Alex Kidd – DOAD (ft. Schama Noel)

January 19, 2015

Alex Kidd teams up with Schama Noel in this well directed and lighthearted shortie titled, “Diary of a Dreamer”. They both open to share their dreams and aspirations through some really comical scenes from some pages of their journals. I’m totally keeping a lookout for these Orlando dudes from now on.