Solar Heist – “Take You Home”

May 19, 2015

Solar Heist


LA duo, Solar Heist, “Take you Home” is the funky track to add to all your summer playlists. Solar Heist captures the essence of what summers are supposed to feel like. Imagine breezy beaches, funky grooves, and late evening summer vibes; That just sounds like a LA all year round. If you’re a fan of Daft Punk and Mark Ronson, then you’ll want to check this track out. “Take You Home” serves as the second single from their forthcoming album Day Trip.


Nick Nery – “Loving You”

May 19, 2015


I swear I fall in love with music everyday and today I fell in love with the neo-soul sounds of Nick Nery. The cover art of “Loving You”, is fittingly placed on vinyl because Nery’s voice carries similar feels. Something buttery and crispy at the same time.  Singing over a few guitar strings and light drums, the soundscapes is set for Nery to shine. I can hear resemblances to some of great neo-soul singers, male and female, from the 90’s and the early 2000’s, yet his voice is still very refreshing. Be sure to follow his on soundcloud to keep yourself in Good Company.


Hanz – “Walls”

May 18, 2015

Artwork by Zahir Ramos

It’s been a milestone year for NJ native Hanz. Not only has he dropped his debut single “Walls”, but he also collected his Bachelor’s Degree from Rutgers University this past weekend. The mellow production from Shlohmo, allows Hanz to get very honest and introspective. The song becomes more genuine with each play as his sings, “Thoughts keep bouncing off the walls, neighbors hear my cries”. Expect to hear and see more from Hanz and his LVN Art Collective. Continue to keep on making moves, the future bright.


In the Booth (Episode 2): Teddy Hinson

May 8, 2015

It’s always beautiful to see talent flourish especially when it originates from my hometown. And Zahir’s too.  YoAstrum isn’t the only artist kickin’ ass from the Southern Jersey/Philly area. We got Teddy Hinson and Stevie Rogers to prove it. Here the young multi faceted artist checks in to the booth at Repercussion Studios [Philadelphia] to let loose of his thoughts. If you’re into his story, which I know you are, be sure to revisit the Illustrator EP.


Meet Stevie Rogers & SHRED: An Autotune Lullaby – Album

May 8, 2015

Alright, I can’t talk about Teddy without mentioning the homie Stevie Rogers. I recall the first time I met him. He’s energetic, driven, and the ongoing stream of ideas that run through his mind are insane. I left the studio session at Teddy’s crib that day inspired by his energy and outlook on various aspects in life that we leave for you to find out in his discography.

Here in this project, Rogers attempts to hit his listeners in all angles with his courageous crack at auto tune. Well some tracks not everything is in auto tone. Who cares if it is anyway? He tells it like it is in this one with lyrics that hit home.

*PS. We’ve always loved you Stevie*


Audio, Video

Ho99o9 – P.O.W (Prisoners of War) / No Regrets

May 8, 2015

The video makes me nervous and I just ate Satanic Pancakes served from Lieutenant Dance. As I was pulling my hair out, ho99o9 transitioned from the electronic punk rock vibe in “P.O.W.” to an organic metal rock rampage in “No Regrets”. The second piece reminds me of the demon days of an underground punk rock called Pure Hell especially their song titled, “Noise Addiction”. I didn’t expect you to know that anyway. I’m excited for their upcoming EP release, The Horrors of 1999. It’s one of those releases that’ll make me shit my pants for sure.

Happy Listening!