Klassik – “Summer EP”

March 25, 2015

Klassik Summer EP

If people change like the seasons, believe the music they listen to and create does as well. As the seasons change more layers are exposed or contained; the fresh scent of light rain on a warm spring day versus the first blanket of snow. The same can be said for Klassik and his 4 part Season series. So far he has released EP’s for Winter and Spring; both showcased his layers not only as an artist, but as human. The Summer EP solidifies Klassik’s ear for creating tones that match the change we encounter throughout the year. Download Summer EP here.

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Mal Devisa – “Ghosts in Hospital Gowns”

March 23, 2015

While I didn’t get a chance to head out to SXSW this year, I still managed catch a few shows in the New Brunswick basement scene and Nola Darling. When I arrived at Nola Darling, Hadassah had just finished up her set much to my dismay, but I caught live performances from Sir Thelonius, Moor Mother Goddess, and Trak Joy. The quiet unsuspecting girl sitting in the corner of the room was by far the most enthralling performer of the evening. But this isn’t a recap post, I see it more as an opportunity to get on a moving train heading to some place beautiful, called Mal Devisa. How do you get on this train? Plugging in your headphones and hitting play. Okay Mal Devisa isn’t a real place, but it sounds like where love, honesty, knowledge, and creativity go to watch the sunset.



Nicky D’s – Heisman Dreams

March 10, 2015

Nicky D's

Nicky D’s and Rick Hughes have become a lethal combination and they are not letting up anytime soon. Nicky D’s delivery is crisp, not missing a beat as a Stevie Wonder sample weaves in and out the breaks. The production sounds like something Kanye would lace Roc-A-Fella Records back in the early 2000’s. This is probably the first time some of you may have heard of Nick, so I highly advise giving The Grey Area a few spin before he drops his upcoming project Trick Baby. 

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Red Giant – Drones EP

March 10, 2015


We’ve witnessed their growth almost forever now and it’s exciting to see how far they’ve come. The indie band Red Giant recently dropped Their new EP “Drones”. This EP is one of the best alternative / trip-hop sounds we’ve witnessed. The lucid production from Drxp Braxton and dreamy harmonies from Foxanne create an atmosphere of sound you can’t escape. As personal witness to the creation process of this EP, we can say a lot of work was put in to make this quality composition. Take a trip to the unknown depths of outer space and stream the EP after the jump.

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HDBEENDOPE – “The Greay(t) Area” LP (Full Review/Download)

March 6, 2015



Early this week, Brooklyn rapper HDBeenDope released his long-awaited project The Greay(t) Area, after almost a year after since his last drop. After interviewing HD back in the summer, I knew that I would truly have to sit with his project to get the full scope of the release. TGA is packed with 21 tracks, which comes out to about to 1 hour and 30 minutes of music. That amount of time on a free project may scare some people away, but it is only a testament to the amount of work HD has put in since 2013. After the needle drops, The Greay(t) Area begins to play like a score to full length movie, with motifs of unfilled dreams, doubts of success, and uncertainty. HD even begins to flash shades of Nas and Biggie Smalls, over a variety of production most artists dream about.



Netherfriends – TOUR4EVER EP

March 5, 2015


After countless snippets of jammin’ out with Kanye West and letting us know how ba$ed it is to chef it up with olive oil in the kitchen, the majestic Netherfriends released TOUR4EVER last Friday. The multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer puts together an eclectic compilation featuring other incredible artists from Chicago which blends multiple genres together such as hip-hop, pop, and punk rock. The art direction of the extended play certainly can’t be overlooked as well. The EP has been treating me nicely on my trip to Charlottesville in which I’ve been doing a lil touring myself.  Netherfriends is on a mission to tour4ever and he’s taking any form of donation from anyone who digs the project.



YoAstrum – Wishing Prod. Geotheory

March 4, 2015


In a world where fate is decided by random moments in life, the only thing we can do is aspire and dream. The homie YoAstrum definitely wants some more. After spending days with this dude whether it was chilling or being in the studio, you would know this dude is a dreamer. In his new track wishing prod. by Geotheory, Astrum delivers on this future bouncy beat what dreams sound like.

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