Museache Presents – “Wav.” (Event)

November 19, 2014


This has been a year of milestones for Museache. Not only have we accumulated over 20k in site views, we’ve also redesigned our logo and site, consumed art from all four corners, and (co)hosted 2 events. It is only right that before the year ends we try to accomplish yet another milestone; December 6th we will be hosting our debut artist showcase and third event of the year. We’ve put together a diverse lineup featuring Asha, who recently debuted her EP, Organic Geniuses YoAstrum, Leo Syris, and Epic B. In addition, we also will be blending the sounds of FCB1, VHVL, and Soulection’s Lakim.  To secure a spot ahead of time and to get more info head here. After the jump check out our own curated playlist to get a sneak peek of what December 6 will feel like.

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Red Giant – “Tears in The Rain”

November 26, 2014

When two people have undeniable chemistry, it can lead to harmonious creativity. After sitting in on Red Giant, think Faint & Twin Peaks, recording session it’s hard to argue that the New Brunswick duo have chemistry. The behind the scene footage features Foxanne laying down the vocals singing, “The world turned its back, ripped the lion from its mane” as Derrick improvises a few dance moves. Not only is it pretty funny, it showcases Red Giant’s eternal creative energy. Listen to “Tears in the Rain” in entirety below.

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Ground Up at Webster Hall Photo Recap

November 22, 2014

Museache (10)

I’ve been to over a 100 concerts and music showcases within my life span and every time, I’ve had a different experience. Last night (Nov. 21) at The Studio at Webster Hall was no different. The Studio is very intimate and it allows for artist to give a special performance that can’t be duplicated in larger venues. The lineup featured a diverse group ranging from Missouri artist Steven Cooper and the experimental rap duo of Samy.Language and Matt Bones. My favorite moment of the show came when Samy.language spontaneously head stands, for what seems like 2 minutes, while Matt Bones continues to rap alongside of him. Other highlights included our recent interviewee HD, debuting some new music from his forthcoming project TGA and headline performers Ground Up non stop turn up to close out the show. Check out the gallery after the jump to get more crowning moments.
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Chance Fischer – “GRANDTOUR”

November 20, 2014

Chance Fischer

This is the first time I’m hearing of Chance Fischer, but after hearing “Grandtour”, I’m shocked his energy hasn’t hit my sound radar sooner. I’ve tried to find the right adjectives to describe the Don Kevo beat, but I’m shooting blanks. There is definitely hints of Yeezus influence all over it, but the song is far from a carbon copy. Chance, from Richmond, Virginia, seems to feed off of the energy of the beat with his animated flow. He simply does not “let up on the petal”, pushing the limits of the song until the last note. Take a listen to “GrandTour” below, preferably through some decent speakers.


Roman Flowrs – “25th Hour” (Heero Yuy)

November 19, 2014

I only have one question for Roman Flowrs, why is track so short? With a title like the “25th Hour”, you would think the young Chi-town artist would give you some extra extra, but decides to keep it short. Patrick Pryor, who produced this, sounds like he spent a few weeks or so in California because this track oozes with the laid back vibes of the Golden State. Take a listen below to the “25th Hour” to see for yourself.


Apollo Renegade – “Apollo 1″

November 18, 2014

Apollo Renegade
Staying in the DMV today, I really enjoyed Apollo 1 title song from young, rising, rapper Apollo Renegade. Maybe it’s the intro voice describing the tradegic Apollo 1 mission or the space theme throughout the track, but I was hooked from the begining. The Baltimore rapper caught my attention with his initial track, but I was a little disappointed that he didn’t continue the space theme throughout his mixtape. If you like Apollo Renegade’s track below, definitely give his whole project a listen on his soundcloud page.


Peter $un – “Moonshine”

November 18, 2014

Peter $un
Virginia artist, Peter $un is back with his unique style on his newest song “Moonshine”, which serves as the first offering from his SunsetCastle EP. “Moonshine” reminds me a lot of “Casimiro“, which I featured a while back. Both tracks offer similar aesthetics, only this time around Peter $un chooses to flow over a beat crafted by BeatMachineAron. It seems like $un is settling to his artistic voice and is utilizing his sing-rap formula. Look out for “SunsetCastle” and more music from Peter $un.


Sarob – “High Noon.” (Video)

November 17, 2014

Sarob, 20-year-old rapper from Ohio, explores an abandon building in his new visual “High Noon”. This serves as the first video from Sarob’s recent project of the same title, high noon. As he puts it ‘high noon.’ was to illustrate a refreshing perspective and lyrical depth…not really the corny hipster multi-syllabic “depth”; rather, more of an observant and careful use of words and sounds. Check the Oliver Hamilton directed video above and keep an eye out for Sarob’s forthcoming free album “the down”.


$erious Klein – “The Seed / A Thought’s Slave” (Official Video)

November 11, 2014

Back in the summer I put you guy on the 90’s Baby and German rapper $erious Klein; now he is back with his newest visuals for “The Seed”. The track already has deep meaning and the visuals just add to the overall aesthetic. $erious Klein finds himself in the forest, hoping that his planted seed will grow into something beautiful. Check out “The Seed / A Thought’s Slave” above and stay tuned for $erious Klein upcoming project States.


Spazz & Reelo – “Over Here”

November 7, 2014

Spazz & Reelo

It’s been a moment since we’ve heard from the windy city duo Spazz and Reelo, but now they’re back with “Over Here”. The twinkling production by Cmplx allows the Chi-town rappers to pay an ode to how far they’ve made it. Most rising rappers lose sight of where they came from as they ascend, but Spazz and Reelo are still grateful for all the things they’ve accomplished. Keep grinding and everything you ever wanted will be yours. Take a listen to “Over Here” below.